11 Fashion Tips Every Woman Should Know

Do you consider yourself a fashionable woman a bit “fashionista”? Wearing clothes is something that each of us does every day, is not it? What sets you apart from the crowd, however, it’s your personal style . You could be part of the crowd or you can distinguish yourself from it. It depends on you! So if you are a fashionista, and you were born to dress with style, here are 11 fashion tips that every woman should know !

Fashion Tips 1 – Know your physique


The first step to dressing with style is to know your body shape. As a result, once you know your “type” you can choose the appropriate clothing. For example, if your body looks like an hourglass, you can wear a little dress and short dress that draw attention to your skinny waist.

Fashion Tips 2 – Invest in a good pair of jeans

Fashion Tips

You wear jeans when you do not know what to wear? Jeans are the saviors of every woman, so it is essential to invest in a good pair of jeans, important in cutting and invoice. Instead of buying clothes that will carry 10 on one occasion you invest a good sum of money in a well-durable as a good pair of jeans that you can pair with many other leaders.

Fashion Tips 3 – The pants have the right hem?

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The hem of the trousers must be well cared for, tap the top of the shoe and always be up 1 inch from the ground. Many women make fatal mistakes with lips appearing sloppy and outdated.

Fashion Tips 4 – Smart Naked. Show skin strategically


If you wear a mini-skirt, make sure that it’s well covered in any case. If you’re wearing a low-cut tank top, on the contrary, make sure not to show too much leg. And if you are showing the abdomen or the navel make sure the rest of your body is covered. The spectacle of the show naked parts of the body is class when it is designed in a strategic way. The trick is to focus on one body part at a time. Too much exposure of their skin would look simply shameless and ignorant.

Fashion Tips 5 – Experience in a while

People know you as a soap and water always woman in jeans and a shirt? It’s time to make a change. Go shopping, look for and try clothes that you never bought before. Search dress, skirts, slacks, jackets and other items that are not part of your wardrobe. Change helps a lot!

Fashion Tips 6 – It’s matter of overall image

Most fashionistas make the mistake of paying attention only to their clothes. Often tend to forget that the entire “set” is the dress. So when you go shopping do not watch only the clothes but seeking the right bag, a pair of suitable shoes, a pair of earrings that intones, necklace and also does the trick. Or at least make sure that the dress is suitable for other accessories you already own for not having a closet full of things that do not get along with each other.

Fashion Tips 7 – You must have a pair of Nude heels


A pair of shoes or heels with transparency will mate well with every color and print. You do not need different shoes for different clothes if you have a nice pair of nude heels with important and well made possibly by leather, will be comfortable!

Fashion Tips 8 – Keep properly

This is the most important rule! Unless you have the financial ability to wear a head and then throw it or give it away the next day you should follow the suggestions. You can keep the freshness and newness of your clothes, shoes, bags and accessories only keeping them properly. If you keep your closet clutter inevitably you end up appearing equally botched even outside the cabinet.


Fashion Tips 9 – Make sure about the comfort

If you feel uncomfortable, then It doesn’t make any sense to wear the most amazing dress in the world. The discomfort transpires and will bring up your inappropriate “put” even in a crowded place. So before you try the style, consider your comfort factor. Remember though that convenience does not mean sloppiness!

Fashion Tips 10 – Look outside and you always do a check to 360 °


When you go shopping you should check your body from every angle. looking fabulous clothes in front may look unsightly on the back. So, make sure to take a look at 360 degrees before makes any purchase. Or when you go for shopping, it’s better to go with any friend or a partner. A second opinion is always helpful.

Fashion Tips 11 – Be “charitable” for yourselves

Make a check of your closet at least twice a year and gives to the needy or to friends and family all those things that you have not worn in the last six months. This also includes the clothes that no longer fit well, the ones that are no longer in fashion and those with whom you no longer feel at ease. Your wardrobe needs space to breathe.



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