5 Best Ways Give Your Home Luxury Look

If you want to make your home look like a luxury hotel and want to live a luxury life in it, don’t take too much tension, you can make your home look like hotel easily and quickly. Here we have several ideas to decorate it wisely to give your home luxury look to feel lavish life in your home rather than any hotel.

Use Well-Designed Curtains

home luxury look

Most noteworthy curtains gives a classy look to your home, most of all you see well-designed curtains in luxury hotels and that give trendy look to hotel. So,you can select good combination of curtains that suits your home decor and color. To maintain the luxury look, think silks, damasks, and linen for your fabric choices. Don’t forget to add black-out curtains.

If you know sewing, than you can make best and well-designed curtains at low cost. You may select the best and well-designed fabric for curtains and then have a seamstress work with that.

Lavish Lighting gives your home luxury look

home luxury look

Luxury hotels are always attractive places, Because well designed lighting fixtures and side lamps are core elements of it’s decoration agenda, wall sconces,art lights well-lights are also been used in almost every hotels.
Begin with the big overhead lights in your home. So,changing overhead lights with modern and sculptural lights.

Then add lamps to your side tables and furniture.Remember, a collected-over-time-look is never match but always usually have some semblance of matching side lamps on either side of a sofa or bed. You can also use lamp shades lined in gold—they add a nice hint of glamour.

Your budget will be higher,then hire an good electrician and add attractive light to give your home look like 5-star hotel.

Space Decoration give better look

home luxury look

No matter how big or small the Spaces are, but decoration gives better look. There are many other elements available ready in the market such as, book cases,tables and shelves that look as through an interior designer outfitted with the perfect decorative items.

You may not have a decoration ideas, but you can certainly take a cue from them. Through design magazines and look at all the wonderful nook and portray. You will notice that, when a room is well-designed, everything has a place and a purpose. There is no clutter in a hotel or well-organized room.
Use baskets and decorative bowls to hide the clutter. Shelves are used as methods to display collections.

Make lavish bedroom

home luxury look

The bed should be set in the center of the room. The bedroom is always decorated with matching bedding, pillows and curtains. The bed should be fit for a you/your queen and outfitted with a headboard that you can lay your head against.

The bedroom always has two side tables and side lamps, a desk, a couple cozy chairs with quaint side tables, a gorgeous cloths for clothing, and usually a television that is well-hidden inside a beautiful cloths or cabinet.

Make attractive your home entryway

home luxury look

Make you lobby amazing with orchids flowers, glitzy mirrors, well-arranged seating areas, dim lighting, and fabulous artwork. You just need to guide your visitors eyes to a certain niche or centerpiece that will welcome them into your home and speak to the rest of the homes style.

It’s best to start with a small entryway table and then add to this table a pretty lamp, a bowl to contain a few collected knick knacks, some books or other things that appeal to your tastes, and of course, a pretty flower arrangement .If the table is against the wall, then place a statement mirror or piece of art above the table The entryway is the first and last thing that guests see. Make it one that leaves a lavish impact.



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