5 Men’s winter style guide you might not know

Whether you have a closet than your girlfriend’s or have bought the same colored pants for the past ten years, winter is the period every man has to update his wardrobe to suit his individual style. Check out the following this men’s winter style article to help you keep up with the latest trends in men’s apparel.

1. Keep it in check.

Men in check shirts

Check patterns and plaids are a beauty for the winter season.

Not only do they offer a free color play look but also combos and different levels of intensity. Polo by Ralph Lauren has checked dress shirts that range from lumberjack to impressive, but the key is not to overdo it.

Keep the patterns above the waist and coupled with flattering neutral jackets and pants.

2. So what if it’s not snowing?


You can hit the street crowd Instead of hitting the slopes with ensembles inspired by ski.

Long striped scarves, puffy quilted jackets, and a splash of electric yellow will have you looking more hot than cold in winter.

The new Nautica line recently showcased a clever blend of layering bright ski jackets beneath classic woolen coats, adding spice to the cold season. Keep an eye out for other emerging favorites like sporty vests and colorful knit caps.

3. Rock your way in Men’s winter style

Rock your way in Men's winter style

Rock your way through the holidays with narrow jeans, band shirts, and a leather jacket to keep you warm.

To keep this long-time standard trend from getting stale, choose gray jeans over blue and ditch the black leather for unexpected colors.

White, yellow, or blue-accented leather jackets will keep the look attractive – fresh and all eyes on you.

If you’re concerned about fit, this season is more about comfort than squeezing into skinny t-shirts and pants.

Keep with the spirit of the weather and go for looser fits that give you room to layer if necessary.


4. Blossom in winter with the preppy look.


Forget about the cheesy men’s apparel inspired by yacht that dominates the summer months.

Winter prep looks timeless and elegant. Try a military cardigan combinations, such as the ones found at Ralph Lauren’s Polo line this season,

with patterned ties and charcoal colored pants. Or brighten up the office with bold primary colored sweaters in red, blue, and yellow.

If you don’t want to look like you just graduated from school, mix up only one piece into your standard office clothing to get a lively but age-appropriate look.


5. Not too into style


If trendy men’s winter style apparel isn’t your thing, classic sharp lines, and dark colors are always in style and readily available.

If you want to make it less predictable and more modern than choose decadent materials like the cashmere and camel hair that dominated the Ralph Lauren collection.

And you can never go wrong with some accessories such as a pair of cufflinks. alligator shoes and Ditch the hats, though. You don’t want to get stuck in a time warp.

But the most fashionable men’s winter style for winter is finding a style that suits your personality the most.



D.P. Ranpariya

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