Top 5 – About Electric Cars – The Green Cars

Rimac Concept  One

And starting to our Top 5 in large (Top 5 – About Electric Cars – The Green Cars), we have a tram that surpasses all others in this Top 5 in all characteristics. The Rimac Concept One is a sporty absolute ammeter amazing in every way.

Electric Cars

Their autonomy comes close to 600km, its top speed is an unbelievable 300km/heo design is simply superb. This copy valued at $ 1 million will be made only 88 copies.



Electric Lithium-Ion

In the list of top five cars for top sports lovers, we have the Electric Lithium-Ion. This is a car with a very special feature – it has 8 wheels. It is thanks to this peculiarity, and multi-engine, that this power goes from 0 to 100 km / h in under 4 seconds and up to 160 in less than 7! It really is an exemplary electrical power without equal..

Electric Cars



Lightning GT Electric Super Car

Also, the British producer of sports Lightening decided to risk the production of an electric model. And the result was this elegant and very powerful Lightening GT


The Lightening GT has a top technology, which it shares only with another model in silent integer, which is the use of lithium-titanate in its battery. This makes this charge at a surprising rate, and has a battery life out of the ordinary.


Fisker Karma Plug-In Hybrid Vehicle

The Fisker Karma Hybrid may not be the electric car of the world’s most popular brand, but thanks to celebrities who made him their model of choice, including Leonardo DiCaprio, Justin Bieber or Collin Powell. What it demonstrates how this is one of the world’s best electric, and the design more appealing!


Besides being able to gain their energy by taking the Fisher also has a large solar panel, which makes it more autonomy for trams and reaching the highest speeds that brought here to our Top 5.


 Tesla Model X

The penultimate car in our Top 5 will still make their fans wait anxiously for some time. The Tesla Model X has its launch scheduled for 2014.


The most curious thing in this car, and the main reason we bring this Top 5 is that the Tesla Model X runs the sports model, and becomes like a proud electric SUV, keeping clear features like speed and power of the other cars of this Top. This makes the Model X a perfect model for women who seek a powerful electric design but with a less masculine.

And here we are. 5 cars to make jaw-dropping, all with the incredible value being 100% environmentally friendly!



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