Design of Apple’s spaceship HQ Campus 2

apple campus
Apple is building a new circular office campus with great sustainable design. Here are some amazing facts about the new Apple campus, which is became popular as “Spaceship Campus” because of it’s design, which represents imaginary spaceship somewhere.

This video shows what great thought of Steve Jobs is there behind this new apple campus building and what he instructed to the architect Foster + Partners during the design of this building.

some key facts About new apple campus and it’s design.

1. The new Apple Campus will be built in a 2.8 million-square-foot area.

2. The building will be constructed in 176 acres area.

3. 13,000 Apple employees will be able to work in the one building.

4. 300,000 square feet area of this building has been allotted to research facilities and underground parking facilities.

5. The four-floor circular structure will have huge walls of glass in it’s exterior facade to make this building more energy efficient.

apple campus

6. Apple makes the glass staircases in Apple stores around the world, It is something like 6 kilometers of glass.

7. In 2016, Apple’s new campus will be ready.

8. The Campus structure will be outfitted with solar panels the top of building.

9. More than 7,000 trees will surround the Apple campus to give it the look and feel of Steve’s home town.

10. All the area will be made to the look like park and probably the jogging paths and walking trails will also be included around the campus to create a healthy working environment.

apple campus

11. The expected budget for the new apple spaceship campus’s construction is almost $5 billion.

12.The wellness center and fitness center will be included into the main building.

13. The building will have an underground auditorium with the seating capacity of 1000 people.

14.There will be miles of jogging and cycling trails into the building campus.

15. 1000 bikes will be there on the site and will be available to staff to get around the campus.



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