Apple iBangle & iRing Will Control Your iPod

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[pullquote_left]Apple computers is planning to launch a new range of wearable gadgets. Apple  iBangle & iRing Will Control Your iPod They presents a very unique gadget that will controls your iPod[/pullquote_left][dropcap]A[/dropcap]

pple computers  introduces the new wearable gadget concept apart from other apple gadgets such as Apple Laptops, Apple iPods, Apple i Pads, Apple Mobile, Apple iPhone. Apple computers is planning to launch a new range of wearable gadgets.They presents a very unique gadget that will controls your iPod, and the concept behind this i Ring Is Developed by Victor Soto it will establish connection with your iPhone and iPod. it’s the first step for apple technology to entering into the jewelry market.

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  • It will  control play back and volume of your any apple media device
  • Bright touch sensitive OLED function strip
  • Rechargeable battery with two days of battery life
  •  Band your ring finger to lock if from unintentional commands
  • Touch on apple icon to toggle between play and pause functions
  • Touch at the OLED strip to skip previous or next song


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Apple will launching not only i Ring but will launching another digital jewelry. The Beautiful apple iBangle, a new type of bracelet, which will be visible in every one’s hand very soon. Apple has make this concept to replace it’s mp3 gadgets to wearable gadget. It can Be operable  through it’s Multi touch track pad for easy navigation. By pressing a tiny button on the side a blue inner band expends due to air pressure and fit around the wrist. This iBangle transmits the audio sounds to your ears via wireless ear buds

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