Favourite Beauty Facials Of Top Models

Most of all models in the fashion industry often use Beauty facials, to show her face fair & Attractive. models are blessed with flawless skin, but they usually use make-up and beauty facials to maintain it. In need of hydration, skin tone and zapped blemishes, a quick beauty facial is good deal for them while they already having perfect skin,

Let’s check about what beauty facials and treatments world’s top models are taking to stay gorgeous forever.


BAR REFAELI, models, Beauty facials

The supermodel BAR REFAELI posted her photo on Instagram to reveal her facial treatment, can you guess what is covering her face? that is exactly what it looks. it’s a gold facial which is widely popular among high profile celebrities such as Nicole Kidman & Cameron Diaz.

We don’t know what this beauty facial treatment exactly does, other than costs a big amount of money. but it actually benefits the skin and beauty. Since ancient time gold has been used as skin care and healing commodity, if we look back into history we may get to know that, Cleopatra bed down with gold on her face, gold has been used in Ayurvedic treatments as well for beauty facials and other treatments.

Gold has many good characteristics such as,  anti-acne, anti-aging and anti-inflammatory to keep our skin healthy.



CARA DELEVINGNE, models, Beauty facials

The model 21 year old and she regularly gets three part facials.After cleansing and massaging the face,the aesthetician uses an electric micro-needling device to tighten pores, prevent breakouts and give skin an instant glow. Therefore She almost use 111skin Micropen Facial packs for her skin.


GEORGIA MAY JAGGER, models, Beauty facials

Spending years backstage, the facialist uses naturally active botanicals to brighten and lift the skin as a result. hence The”Red Carpet” facial includes a massage and a natural collagen-boosting gel. she almost use Red Carpet Facial by Tracie Martyn,NYC.


JULIA RESTOIN ROITFELD, models, Beauty facials

The model heads to Biological. Recherche before a flight to clear skin of dead cells and slow down skin oxidization, preventing damage. She use La Lift Facial Pack.


MARGHERITA MISSONI, models, Beauty facials

Performed at a med spa, and seems like the treatment goes deeper by actually strengthening the base layers of the skin over time. She almost Use Bio revitalization with Bruno Mandalari Facials.


models, Beauty facials, ALANA ZIMMER

The models usually do so many makeup changes, so the skin gets congested. Ling Chan’s signature facial includes a triple enzyme peel,  clarifying herbal clay mask and pore-by-pore extraction- a little painful, but the result is worth it. She use Complete Signature Facial, NYC .

The model swears by this facial. it cleared up her breakouts instantly and loves his products, specifically the acne, cucumber toner and oil-free SPF 17 moisturizer and she use Mario Badescu facial.


models, Beauty facials, CHRISTY TURLINGTON

Forget contouring, This facials sculpts and lifts around the cheekbones to define tired, stressed skin. She use Rose Quartz Butterfly Lift and Sculpt Massage Facial.


models, Beauty facials,,KARMEN PEDARU

The facial is a top pick of the NYC-based model. in addition to a pre-fashion week, the must thing is, the facial lifts and brightens the skin. she use La Prairie Caviar Firming Facial packs.


models, Beauty facials, ABI FOXDebbie Thomas treatment includes almost everything your skin could possibly need a peel, light therapy for acne, dermabraision, radio frequency and lymphatic drainage. she use DNA Essential Skin Treatment .



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