Bored with riding a bicycle? Tips to Owning a Custom Bicycle

Bored with riding a bicycle? Are there no more tricks and stunts that you are yet to explore? If this be the case, then buying a customized bicycle could give wings to the adventurous trait in you.

But it isn’t as easy and simple as it sounds. You may have decided to buy one and also have the money, but do you know what’s best for a first- time biker?

Custom Bicycle

Here are a few helpful suggestions that could be of help. If you are mulling the various options, remember to take note of safety measures and your riding capabilities into consideration. Though it may mean buying a smaller and easy-to-ride bike instead of the big machine on which you may have romped about in your dreams, it’s the brighter option for new bikers.

Looking at the Brighter Side

┬áIn the first few months, chances are quite high that you will drop your bike while trying to take a sharp turn or if your front Tyre happens to trip over a pebble. Though the bike might not need any major repair, but dropping it on the side might lead to damages. If it’s a new vehicle you would not stop cursing yourself for the damages. So, go for an old one.

Also, if you ram into something, quite natural for learners, the bike is sure to get dented. It would be less painful if the bike is second hand.

In case, you need to strike a good deal, you can refer to us for help.

If you buy a used bike, you will worry less about the dings and dents and concentrate on improving your riding skills.

Moreover, these cost less to repair than new models.

Here, the depreciation must be taken into account. In case, you buy a new bike, do remember that the biggest dip in value usually happens in the very first year. The bike may have cost you a few thousand, but you could end selling it only at a few thousand.

Go in for the recent custom bicycles

Also, it is suggested that people go in for the recent custom bicycles and low riders as they are a thousand times better than the originals. They are low in height and help the rider easily put his feet on the ground if he at all happens to lose balance. Further, it is also quite the fashion. According to experts, the suspension of the front wheel and a big sized rear tire make it comfortable for the bikers. Check out Dutchiebike Company for your options.

An added advantage for bikers is that custom bicycles come with a stick gear system. It is more like a car gear and thus offers better control. Several websites are there which offer an overall idea of all kinds of bikes available in the market from places like Duthie bike Company. New bikers can log on to these sites and accordingly take a decision on what they want to buy. But it’s best to opt for a customized bike based on your requirement.




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