How To Identify An Original Tiffany Jewelry?

If you notice these days, Tiffany jewelry is not now limited up to girls only, almost youngsters are heaving at least one silver jewelry from Tiffany. It seems an invasion: wherever you go, you’ll see at least a couple of little hearts to the ears “Please Return to Tiffany”, a thin chain with heaving a heart pendant, or a chain bracelet (of course with the usual heart). And as a result, you might also be planning to buy an original Tiffany jewelry for personal use or to gift someone.

So, How to Identify an original Tiffany jewelry ?

Among the most popular are the jewels Please Return to Tiffany, But Many of us are suffering with only one doubt,

how to identify an original Tiffany jewelry?

It’s must to know the answer of this question because, there are lots of fake Tiffany jewelry around, many more than you think.

First rule: the original box Tiffany

original Tiffany jewelry

To recognize an original Tiffany jewelry you’ll have to check it’s little box that needs to be aqua also said Blue, square shaped and inside a square velvet bag of the same color.

When it comes to small jewels the box comes with a press-clips, while for larger jewelry there are 2 side ties to close.

Bag of an original Tiffany jewelry has a perfect size to get into the box, but very often the fakes have a bigger bag in the same box!

The box is then closed with a staple white ribbon handmade, which can become red for the Christmas holidays.

Be careful: an original Tiffany jewelry is never sold bagged and packed in cellophane and in the box there is no certificate of originality nor even a cloth to clean it with instructions.

The only guarantee that you will have buying it in a store Tiffany is its receipt which will be released in a small bag, while to clean or polish Tiffany silver jewelry you just follow my tips on silver.

Do you think that on the internet there are sites that sell fake bags and boxes of Tiffany, I told you everything!

Remember that, Tiffany is not sparing and there are many Tiffany outlets all around the world; if you find new jewelry at lower prices compare to store or Tiffany’s official website than, you can be sure that it is false one.

Second rule: where to buy an Original Tiffany jewelry ?

original Tiffany jewelry

The first rule is wary of sites that specialize in Tiffany jewelry because an original Tiffany jewelry you can buy in just two ways,

in Tiffany stores or,

on Tiffany’s official website.

Outside of these two secure channels you may only find fake Tiffany jewelry, whether you want to buy them on the internet whether you want to refer to a different store from one of the four official store: Tiffany has not retailers. so, you can buy it directly from them only.

Pay attention also to purchase Please Return to Tiffany” used because most of the time it may happen that the boxes and bags are original, but the jewels are fake!

Third rule: the Tiffany silver

I don’t know if you’ve ever noticed that silver of an original Tiffany jewelry has a kind of film that does not make it particularly bright . however The fake Tiffany jewelry are, very light (as if they were plastic) and particularly shiny.

Fourth rule: the closure of Tiffany & Co.

original Tiffany jewelry

The closure of an original Tiffany jewelry can be be a “T” with a T-shaped rod that fits into a ring with the Tiffany & Co. brand name in uppercase.

The closure of an original Tiffany jewelry can also be a snap, or a hook and you should prefer it that much more secure against the risk that the cuff opens and you lose it as it happens to many people!

And in an original Tiffany necklaces there is always a small round pendant at the end marked Tiffany & Co.

On the internet you will see that many fake Tiffany closures have a “T” with tiny rings and a long stick, hidden object and some doubtful things!

The original earrings heart Tiffany & Co. have the screw with a sort of little flower on the back on it, which is engraved with the trademark if your earrings do not have this, they are false, sorry.

Fifth rule: the message “Return to Tiffany”

original Tiffany jewelry

The line Please return to Tiffany symbolized the infamous heart with its written PLEASE RETURN TO TIFFANY & CO. NEW YORK 925 on one side and very small © TIFFANY & C o. Capitalize on the other side.

In fake Tiffany very often on the back of the pendant there is nothing recorded.

The written Please return to draw a high arch in the heart, it is smaller than the written TIFFANY & CO. (which instead is horizontal and in bold) and is distanced, while NEW YORK 925 is written in an additional character and has an intermediate size between the two others written.

If it seems that the written Tiffany & Co. barely enters the space of the heart or if the characters are not clear and well defined’m sorry, but you’re dealing with a fake.

So Keep these identification points in mind before you buy a Tiffany jewelry.

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