What To Choose When Your iPhone Contract Expires

These days we all want a mobile phone that is capable of doing more than text messages and phone calls. In order to stay connected on the move, we require internet data for emails, social networking and apps, and it is important to many of us that our phone looks the part too. Perhaps this is why the iPhone became so popular; a lot of people like the colour, shape and capabilities of the device.

Choosing a phone can be difficult with a two year mobile contract as it is vital that the device is still working towards the end of it. When the contract does expire, it is very normal for a person to “upgrade” their phone rather than hanging onto it – this is because there would have been new technologies introduced in the contract period, and with phones many of us like to stay up to date. So if you are coming to the end of your own mobile contract and are wondering what you should upgrade to after you sell your existing device to a mate or a service like Mac 4 Cash, here are some suggestions….



Samsung Galaxy S4

This mobile phone is already available in shops, meaning you won’t need to wait for a new release until you can upgrade. Like the iPhone, this device comes in both white and black, although it does have a bit more curve than that of the Apple device. If you want to be at the forefront of mobile technology, this phone is a good choice as it has all sorts of cool features including using your eyes to scroll through your emails, and even being able to capture a video and photograph at the same time. Oh, and it’s 4G ready.


iPhone 5

The iPhone 5 is a choice for those who are used to the iOS interface and who crave clarity and beauty with their mobile device. In terms of features, it’s probably a little bit behind Samsung, but the 4-inch retina display makes up for it. This 3G device has an 8 megapixel camera, and can also take 1080p HD videos – perfect for capturing all of those important moments.



A cool Android device, the HTC One is perfect for the social butterfly on the move. Firstly it is 4G ready, which means that you’ll have lots of fast internet data to update your Blinkfeed (a home screen that constantly refreshes with live updates). The Boom Sound feature also removes the need for external speakers if you want to play music out loud from your phone. Finally, the phone can tell the difference between a human voice and background noise; it cuts out the nuisance noise when you’re on a phone call so the other person can hear what you’re saying!


New iPhone?

There are rumors that there will be a new iPhone out shortly, so if you’re keen to get the latest Apple mobile phone, you might want to let your contract roll over for a couple of months until it hits the shops.



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