6 Tips for Choosing a Touring Bike experience hidden treasure of towns

Biking tours are fun and rewarding. You can truly experience the landscape and culture of the region, meet locals, and explore the hidden treasures of small towns and villages. A cycling tour is an exercise that takes its toll on many enthusiasts- which touring bike is good for me, how should I decide which bike to go for, what to take along, and how to best ensure that I have a safe trip, are some of the many questions that pop up when they start planning vacation.

Choosing Touring Bike for your trip

variety of touring bike available in the market

Many amateurs and first time bikers planning their long distance cycling trip are often bogged down by the variety of touring bike available in the market. However, before you go ahead exploring the bikes available.

Consider six tips that will help you in making a good buying decision:

1.Terrain you want to cover in your cycling trip:

Decide whether you are buying a cycle for a particular biking tour or is it a general purchase that is meant to cover the cycling trips you would be taking all year round. What kinds of terrain you enjoy in your trips can help you boil down your search. If you like to stay on leveled roads, it is good to go for a road bike. However, a road bike is not a reasonable choice if you expect your terrain to be uneven. There is a risk of damaging your wheels or a puncture when riding a road bike on even a slightly graveled road. Consider hybrid bikes for off road cycling.

2.How long is the trip?

The length of your trip and the distance you plan to cover per day is another factor that should determine your choice of bike. While it is comfortable to ride long distances on a road bike, a hybrid is a better choice if you are an amateur and are not comfortable with the crouching position of a road bike.

3.How much would you carry along?

Deciding whether to go for a road bike or a hybrid may seem difficult if you travel light, but a road bike is simply out of question if you are touring loaded with substantial weight as you may run into mechanical problems along the way.

4.Which Style do you prefer?

For many, it is not just about usability, it is also about style and aesthetics. A road bike is a first choice among bikers of taste, as it looks more chic than a hybrid. However, although hybrid lacks the sleekness and elegance of a road bike, it is a functional and practical choice.

5.Which riding position you are comfortable with?

A road bike keeps your body bent and crouched as compared to hybrids, which have a more comfortable riding position. However, if you are comfortable with the riding position of a road bike, you will be able to enjoy the beauty around while riding. For amateurs, riding a road bike may seem challenging as its position allows little flexibility. The upright position of a hybrid is a better choice when planning longer biking trips.

6.How much would you like to spend?

Budget is another essential factor that determines your choice of a bike. Although a used bike is a perfectly viable choice if it is the right size and is in a good condition, you can consider buying a less expensive one if you are on a tight budget.

There are road bikes and hybrids available at absurdly high price, but you must remember that costly does not always mean better or a must have for a long cycling trip. You can opt for good quality second hand bikes if you are interested in the ones with more attachments and frills. Set your budget and go for the best quality ones you can afford.

Whether you go for a road bike or a hybrid is completely a personal choice. Both the styles have their pros and cons and must be taken into account keeping the above tips into consideration. The best way to get started is to list down your priorities. For example the places you want to visit, terrains you love exploring, your style of travelling- whether you enjoy travelling light or like to carry all your accoutrements along, are you a fast biker or someone who enjoys a slow ride, do you take short trips or long ones- and draw a combination pattern as per your requirements. http://www.spanafrican-adventures.co.za is the right choice to fulfill your requirements.

At the end, give your best to make the right choice because when you let your bike dictate your ride, you end up with an unsatisfactory biking tour missing terrains and roads you wish you had taken.




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