CNG – The Alternative Fuel

The continuous hikes in fuel prices and the regular alerts from geological experts about the shortage of fossil fuels are the main driving forces behind the advent of alternative fuel options. Natural Gas is a promising winner in terms of an alternative natural fuel, keeping in mind the simmering petroleum issues. CNG is not only cost effective, but also leads to a cleaner and greener environment. It is the green factor  which is one of the major CNG Benefits, which has led to its rising popularity. The automobile industry has shown keen interest in using Natural Gas as a primary fuel. Most companies are now inventing new models to give CNG Benefits to the user and environment as well, called NGVs or Natural Gas VehiclesCNG Benefits

The CNG Benefits

Even though fuel prices have increased, the sale of vehicles has multiplied, mainly due to the convenience they provide for travel. These vehicles that run on traditional fuel not only pinch the pocket hard, but also emit harmful gases and carbon that poses severe environmental threats. The emissions from these automobiles contribute almost 50 percent of the world’s air pollution. Compared to them, CNG Benefits the vehicles provide the following merits:

  • Cost effectiveness: It is more cost effective than traditional fuel or diesel. The cost of each mile of travel dips significantly, when one uses NGV tanks.
  • Cleaner and greener: It contains methane, ethane and propane. This chemical composition leads to almost 100 percent combustion, with hydrogen and water vapor as by-products. Hence, Natural Gas is a clean fuel that helps conserve the natural balance of the environment. It does not emit carbon oxide like gasoline and other fuels, and keeps the rate of pollution under control.
  • Vehicle friendly: Since Natural Gas does not release any carbon, the issue of carbon deposits on engine parts is reduced, to a great extent. It also does not have a negative reaction with metals, as compared to gasoline. This ensures that an automobile will last longer. Thus, in general, a CNG-based vehicle is more durable and incurs less maintenance costs.
  • High performance: While Natural Gas vehicles give equal performance and mileage as traditional gasoline ones, natural gas vehicles are more efficient. Moreover, these vehicles have great pick up, even in extreme weather conditions.
  • Safer: CNG is one of the most effective and safest fuels. It is even lighter than air itself. If it is released it rises very fast, reducing chances of any explosion.


Is CNG Benefits the vehicles of tomorrow?

The shortage of fossil fuels is very apparent. Today, most countries use CNG as the primary fuel for vehicles. Research and development companies are working to create redefined versions of CNG engines, which give greater performance and efficiency. The double combustion options of conventional fuel and CNG, makes it simpler to make a choice. It is essential to predict future resources and prepare oneself accordingly, to ensure longer sustainability of resources.





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