Artificial Nails. Is it Beautiful or Not?

The artificial nails are the sign of ghosts: Some swear by it, and wear it for years, others don’t like them and prefer a more natural look. But these days artificial nails are at a great level of perfection. now it can look very natural even if they are very long!

Permanently beautiful

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Artificial also can be a great alternative to nail polish. Especially when you don’t have much time to make your nails repeatedly – and to wait until they are finally dried. After all, We all knows the frustration when the polished nail abuts  somewhere and we get noticed that, it’s not dried yet! Or if the nail polish peels off again, even though it’s made only two or three days ago!


Artificial Nails
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Professionally-made artificial nails hold up to six weeks. Among them, the natural nails grow, so after a few weeks a gap between the cuticle and the artificial nail is formed, which then must be replenished. It is necessary to visit nail studio after every four to six weeks for transition. Similar to the hair dye when the boss get growing again.

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The right nail salon for the perfect artificial nails

The most important advice: It is crucial to ensure adequate qualifications of nail designer. Because while filing, Modeling and gluing, something can possibly go wrong.

If the artificial nails applied incorrectly, it may cause infections. In opposite side of the coin, the artificial nails are not just looks nice but it may fall off quickly, even nail fungus problem may arises in worse case.
In good Pedicure also at least two different systems should be offered to artificial nail application, so there is an alternative, if allergies are present.

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The different types of artificial fingernails

When it comes to artificial nails, really, many roads lead to the goal. However, the known methods are gel or acrylic. Both fingernails can make the nails not only stronger and more beautiful shape, but also extends, for example, by the use of so-called tips.

Both gel and acrylic is cured after being applied with UV light and then filed in the form. The two materials are significantly different, when you try to remove them. Acrylic nails are for completely immersed in acetone and dissolve therein. Gel nails have to be filed down an often unpleasant and tedious to process it.

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The gel version is considered acceptable as acrylic and is thus widely used, but has the disadvantage that the gel is softer than acrylic, so gel can not hold quite long. But even though, the artificial nails are good choice to stay beautiful up to four weeks. Then they must be refreshed when it grow out.

Make Artificial fingernails by yourself at home

It is better to stay away from artificial nails in the DIY method, if you don’t have previous knowledge and special training – especially with very soft, thin or delicate nails. Otherwise fungus infections or permanent damage might be affect to the natural nail.

And Check Out The Video Below To Learn How Can You Make Beautiful Artificial Nails at Home.

The inexperienced handling of gel or acrylic is not the problem but the wrong files in Making of artificial fingernails.
Experienced nail technicians wear the gel or acrylic on so that, it is thinner at the tips. This not only looks natural, but is also an important breaking point where the nail would buckle on impact. If this would not happen, leverage would result in a collision.

Just like natural nails, the artificial variant should not be strained by wild Files. It should always be filed wisely in only one direction.Top with a sand sheet – or glass nail file.

Check Some Of The Best Artificial fingernails Available Here which engages better to glue, These can be available for less than ten dollars and also lasts very long. Compared to the 20 to 60 dollars, which would cost a visit to the nail salon, so check out the best collection of the artificial nails in the link given above. Also Ensure You Use The Best Acetone Nail Polish Remover and then lift the artificial nail carefully with a rosewood stick. You should take it out gently and should not force the artificial nail to remove, otherwise it may possibly damage or remove some part of your natural nail along with it.

Artificial Nails
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Proper care for artificial nails

Artificial nails can look beautiful only if it is just came out of nail saloon or somebody has maintained it very carefully. So it should definitely be made to the new routine, regularly clean hands and massage it with Skin care oil. As the natural nails are below a layer of plastic and therefore may not assume any nutrients, it is even more important to take necessary care of it to keep it always beautiful.

Incidentally, scissors and nail clippers are absolutely taboo in artificial nails! Artificial nails are much more robust when trying to cut them as our natural and, cracks may arise or they could disconnect from the nail and take the top layer of our natural nail equal.

Artificial nails should be exposed to sunlight for too long, as this could result yellowish discoloration. Smoking can have the same effect. Also when using aggressive cleaning agents, be cautious as they may replace the gel.



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