Crazy Ideas – Did you ever imagine such crazy bags ?


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The bag is very familiar word for every one. We always think the bag as a shopping tool to carry products and goods. But nowadays designers has unique Crazy Ideas – Did you ever imagine such crazy bags? designer bags has taken place in the market of shopping bags. Nowadays shopping bags are most focused tool to spread their message and promote their brands. Such a grate idea can be also helpful for social organization and groups. And it can be entertaining also. Let me share some photos to you that will show you that how shopping bags can entertain you.

[toggle_box title=”Sexy lady on the way ” width=”Width of toggle box”]So sexy, not only beautiful lady but the bag she is carrying is more beautiful then everything is visible in this picture[/toggle_box]


[toggle_box title=”Don’t Fear Just Read Hear” width=”Width of toggle box”]Did you ever imagine that if you will come out into the market or public place with your gun what will happen that time?  I know very fearful your imagination would be, but relax you can go to any public place with your fully loaded gun and the surrounding atmosphere will be surely shocking and you will be the point of attraction just because of such fully loaded gun, oops shopping bag.[/toggle_box]


[toggle_box title=”The Powerful Punch” width=”Width of toggle box”]That’s what I call a power punch. Don’t fear such punch is not harmful its just a creative graphics which placed wisely at a shopping bag. [/toggle_box]


[toggle_box title=”Never Leave My Hand Mom” width=”Width of toggle box”]This bag always passes a good message to the people who are crazy about shopping. I request to all the parents to always hold the hand of your little children, don’t leave their hands at shopping arcades and such public places.[/toggle_box]


[toggle_box title=”Strong Hair with Pantene” width=”Width of toggle box”]Look how strong my hair is. A very nice idea developed by Pantene to promote their product (shampoo) with such a grate message through this bag. It is very effective and easy to explain about the product to each and every person. Find such creative designs to promote your product.[/toggle_box]

[box_dark]If you have such unique ideas share it to all our readers. We are eager to know your opinion about this creative ideas of messaging and marketing.[/box_dark]



D.P. Ranpariya

I am the man who watching dreams during the day to change trend of the world. I am desiring to set always new trends into the market.

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