How to Decorate Your Living Room in a Minimalist Style

A couple of years ago I decided that my living spaces were getting far too cluttered; I made the decision to go back to basics and redecorate in a minimalist style. This involved a fair amount of time sorting through old paperwork and choosing new pieces of furniture, but it was so worth it in the end. Now when I have friends and family around my house they always tell me how they wish their living space was as spacious and effective as mine. I figured that it was about time that I shared my tips with other people, so I’ll start with where I did; the “living room” and you may get clear idea about, How can you decorate your living room with a minimal style to give your home a decent look

Decorate Your Living Room

Pick a feature while you decorate your living room

The first thing I would recommend would be to choose a slimline feature for your room. This might be a sculpture, clock, television or a fireplace depending on your tastes and what your living space is generally used for. My kids have grown up and have lives of their own now, so our front room is often used for socializing with our friends. Therefore we didn’t really need to have a TV in full display, and actually have it enclosed behind some glossy units on the wall.

Dress your windows properly

Something that is relatively easy to remedy is your window dressings. Net curtains and floral curtains can seem heavy and outdated, which is why I wanted to get blinds installed instead. We didn’t want our living room to look like an office though, so we chose a beautiful light wood effect. We don’t need net curtains anymore as we can simply angle the blinds to provide the right amount of privacy for certain points in the day.

Storage is your new best friend

As I mentioned about my television above, you’ll find that storage becomes really handy when you are going for a minimalistic effect at home. This doesn’t mean you should hoard loads of bits and hide them away though as they’ll eventually find their way into your room and floor space. However storage can be useful for putting extra cushions, throws and magazines in if you don’t want these taking up space on the table. You may also want to consider storage units for CDs and DVDs.

Consider colours

Another relatively quick fix is the coloring of your room. We have gone for a light and airy feel with white gloss and duck egg blue; it’s very calming. Rooms that have wallpaper and lots of painted features can feel a bit smaller, so strip this back and start again. You can pick a neutral theme, but you can still pull off minimalist in bright colors too. Head to your local DIY store so you can look at the colors available and start from there.

About the author

Mary Thompson is a lifestyle blogger from the UK. She found minimalistic furniture, sleek blinds, and a Superior Fires gas fire to pull off her own beautiful looking lounge; it really is the envy of all of her friends and family!




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