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In our collection “What Beauty Usually means to Me,” women from several backgrounds discuss their ideas on aging, current problems, and obviously, their make-up and skincare techniques. Recently, we meet with manicurist-to-the celebrities Naomi Yasuda. When Alicia Keys, Madonna, Eve and other superstars want to design fingernails with nail art done, a normal French manicure basically won’t do.

They contact fingernail artist Naomi Yasuda to make unique nail art designs on the tiniest of spaces. I did Madonna’s nail art for her Super Bowl show performance this season, Yasuda, 28, informed Words can’t describe how excited I was. It was one of the most unforgettable jobs in my profession.

Also, I liked doing work with Steven Tyler. I did his nail art for an Aerosmith show. He welcomed me to his show and when I saw his fingernails on the large screen I almost cried. Yasuda’s designs include almost every thing from ice cream cones, M&Ms, New York symbols such as Empire State Building, jewelry, lashes and animal prints. Manicures take anyplace from a 1/2 hour to 2 hours, and the effort pays off: Her latest job for DJ Roxy Cottontail featuring

Yasuda Makes Fingernails Gorgeous With Unique Design Skill Of Nail Art

My aim is for the common public to become comfortable with nail art and see how delicate and artistic it can be, she mentioned.
The native of Japan became her begin in nail art there, where it has been well-known for the previous 10 to 15 years.
I usually loved doing my own nail art,Yasuda mentioned. Then I begun doing my sisters nail art and then friend’s nail art. Right after, I noticed I was truly good at it.

While Yasuda has tried other media, she really likes creating her art work on fingernails probably the most. I tried out painting several times, she mentioned, but I favor a little canvas like fingernails.

Yasuda transferred to New York 5 years ago right after visiting the location just once. I was so motivated and surprised by people’s energy, fashion and the variety. But I didn’t communicate any English and I didn’t know anybody in New York.

Via her performance at the Hello Beautiful salon in Williams burg, Brooklyn, along with her Website, Yasuda discovered a niche. Her first well-known customer was singer Keri Hilson, for whom she created neon pink leopard nail art for a magazine photo-shoot.

Keri’s make-up artist also worked with Lady Gaga too, she mentioned. I got a opportunity to work for the Gaga through her. I will have to say, I was truly lucky because I have found most of my superstar clients via my clients from my salon.

design fingernails with nail art

Yasuda design fingernails with nail art very perfectly

A year ago, Yasuda worked well with Barney’s NYC for a Lady Gaga pop-up store and created suitably incredible nail art for the fashion-forward superstar.I designed four unique press-on nail art tips and two types of minx nail art designs, she mentioned. Also, I hand crafted 1,500 nail art tips (for the Barney’s set up). It was a lot work but they are the most exclusive and crazy nail art designs I’ve done yet.

Yasuda believes that attractive nail art improve people’s entire appearance. fingernails are extremely essential elements of our beauty, simply because even when you’ve no make-up, even though your own hair is not done, your fingernails continue to make a eye-catching statement.

I did Madonna’s nails for her Super Bowl performance this year, Yasuda, 28, told Words cannot describe how excited I was. It was one of the most memorable jobs in my career. Also, I loved working with Steven Tyler. I did his nails for an Aerosmith concert. He invited me to his concert and when I saw his nails on the huge screen I almost cried.

Her very own, obviously, don’t remain pleasant for long. My fingernails often get ruined by executing other people’s nail art, she mentioned. I like to design my own fingernails each two weeks. I individually like very simple fingernails for myself. Occasionally simple fingernails are the way to go.

For Yasuda Fingernails are the greatest accessory.
I usually think having gorgeous fingernails (or) nail art is like owning a element of jewelry on your fingers, she mentioned. You can show your style and personality through your fingernails. Owning gorgeous and healthy fingernails makes you feel attractive. That feeling offers you self confidence, and self confidence makes you joyful. It can make you look a lot better.




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