Developers gain tester applications in BlackBerry10

Manufacturer stated that professionals can exchange their smartphones Alpha for a limited edition BlackBerry 10.


Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C, a smartphone that developers can use to test their applications and prepare for the launch of the device BlackBerry 10 QWERTY next year. The company also said that developers can exchange their phones for a limited edition Alpha fully functional BlackBerry 10. Gradually, RIM is preparing developers for January 30, 2013, will be released when the BlackBerry 10, the company said. The model is sensitive to the touch and also has the traditional QWERTY keyboard.

[pullquote_left]RIM has distributed 7500 touch devices testing for developers worldwide. The movement seeks to ensure that applications created by professionals can also run on smartphone QWERTY, the company said in a blog post on Thursday (29/11).

The company did not provide any technical details about the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C, but explained that developers have to do to get their hands on one. The company will release a limited number of phones, reserved on a priority list for developers who have shown interest in creating at least two applications for BlackBerry 10.

The developers’ rankings will be based on point’s scheme. Developers earn 50 points for ported of Android applications; 250 points for natives and 1500 points for Web Works applications and Adobe Air also earn 1500 certified for applications built using the program for BlackBerry, according to the blog company.

Developers who already have an Alfa devices or Elite member of the BlackBerry have, from the outset, 200 points. Interested developers can register on site the BlackBerry Developer .

As thanks, developers will be able to exchange the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha testing by a limited edition BlackBerry 10, RIM said. The limited edition devices will be shipped after January 30, according to a FAQ on the company website.



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