Discover what color attracts men’s attention

You know what colors you wear is speaks about your personality? especially when you go for a hot date, every fashionista knows that color can have a killer impact, but for many of us it can be a mystery. All beauty should know about what color attracts men’s attention and how.

All of us knows the basics that, when you want to be noticed by someone, surely prefer dresses in red. But a black head can also be sexy and sensual.

Here we have a mini guide for you on what color attracts men’s attention and work better – or worse – in creating attraction and increasing sexual chemistry.

what color attracts men’s attention

If you are on your first date !!!

So never forget the impact of color . The laws of attraction are affected by many factors, the shades you wear is also among them even. But what about what colors can have a major impact on your first date?

Depending on the type of attention that you want to capture or signal that you want to give, here are some tips for you. In short, what color attracts men’s attention? Here for you a quick reference of the colors to be always ready for an appointment that works perfectly.

Red tones : Attract men with high energy

what color attracts men's attention

Recent research has confirmed that if you are a lady in red, you would be able to attract men with high energy and high libido and men who love strong women.

Green shade: This color reflects a true and honest personality

what color attracts men's attention

It ‘s funny, but the green is a popular color with men. Men will see you as a person “down-to-earth.” This color reflects a true and honest personality, but also a passion because it is the color that we associate with nature.

Black: Is actually very versatile color

what color attracts men's attention

The black color is actually very versatile. A woman dressed in black can work because it increases the attention and suggests sensuality and sophistication. Wearing a black pullover indicates the possession of a very serious and rigorous mentality city.That probably will attract an equally serious man.

Pink shades: Suggests that you are a sensual cat

what color attracts men's attention

For men, it indicates that you have a female and flirty character. But there is also a downside because they might think you’re a little ‘Princess’, in short, you’re on your very. Remember though a dazzling hot pink suggests that you are a sensual cat.

White: A person who loves everything

what color attracts men's attention

Most likely he will understand that you are a person who loves everything and with a perfectionist streak.

Blue shades: you are a fun and lively type

what color attracts men's attention

According to the different hues of blue emitting different signals. For example, the Navy appears as a serious color. Unless your boss that you want to wear this color is in a very fashionable style, people might think you’re a bit ‘boring, so a nice “no-no” if you’re trying to draw him! Slingshots on something turquoise and men will think of you that you are a fun and lively type.

It’s good to remember and wear a killer dress, but be sure to be yours when you wear it.

Finally, the king of advice: go out with a confident attitude, just so you can have a positive impact on your appointment.



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