Engagement ring guide to win her forever

Well, the hassles one has to go through while finding an engagement ring guide varies a lot from person to person. Some people just know where and how to find the ‘one’ for the perfect ‘one’.

Others just roam around clueless about how to even start looking for them. Buying an engagement ring for someone you love dearly can become an overwhelming task sometimes.

It is a symbolic gesture of your everlasting love which your partner will wear for the rest of the time you and her are together.

So fear not! We’ve put together a simple guideline for you to follow and find it before it’s too late.


Starting off with the engagement ring guide:


First of all, you need to know where you stand with your budget before rushing down the nearest Jewelry store.

When you know beforehand what range you are supposed to be looking at, you will have your options right in front of you.

Although negotiations can be done further if you’ve already made your choice and still want the price to be lowered down.

Buy the nicest ring you can afford in a price range which doesn’t make you go under debt before your marriage.


Surprise your partner with it:


Well most of us aren’t risk takers, especially when it comes to buying something for our girlfriends or even our wives.

But letting the once in a lifetime opportunity of showing your loved one how romantic and thoughtful you are while making a lifetime decision like this is a big No!

The look of surprise and immense love flowing across your girlfriend’s face when you propose her,And Don’t Forget To Check Our Few Tips To Getting The Proposal Right…

the ring fits and matches her taste and demands is priceless.


How to find her ring size:

Engagement ring guide

A lot of us screw up these two basic things.

And that ultimately kills the moment when it finally happens. The perfect ring doesn’t fit in! Or she just pretends to like it even when it fits!

To avoid this trouble and the awkwardness that comes along with it, get a ring from her which she doesn’t wear anymore and get the right size from a jeweler. If you don’t want her suspecting anything, steal one!


Researching her style:


Before you choose the kind of ring you want for her, you should keep in mind that, “Every woman is a unique piece of art in herself.” Find her unique style and preference. Take note of the type of jewelry she normally wears for starters.

Think about her personality too, the kind of person she is from the inside.


Lastly, it’s not about how well you did your research before arriving at the best possible choice but the way you give it to her.

But since it will remain an emblem of your love which she will wear for the rest of her life, all you need to do is somehow make that moment special. Embrace this engagement ring guide and you will definitely impress her.



D.P. Ranpariya

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