Essential Tips On How To Polish Silver

We all like silver but while it becomes rusty: Silver polish Becomes a nightmare for anyone at home the famous “four pieces”, cutlery and various knickknacks that until recently it was used to give for any occasion. Confess, which of you has at least one frame, a centerpiece or a vase in silver? Most of all are facing one major problems with silver that is, How To Polish Silver ?

Silver Jewelry, Polish Silver

Not to mention earrings , rings , necklaces , bracelets or pendants that might have put aside because now it’s completely oxidized.

But here’s the good news:

In the end of the tunnel there is light, you may follow few tips and you will be able to find How To Polish Silver. After seeing how to polish the gold jewelry and how to clean the diamonds , let’s focus now on How To Polish Silver, whether it is crockery, cutlery or jewelry.

Polish silver with the specific products

Silver Polish Tips, Polish Silver

Before I begin I must ask you a question: Do you prefer to buy a specific product to clean the silver or you are passionate about in the house “made methods”?

If you are in the first category, you can find several products Here that are used to specifically Polishing Silver.

Or You Can Google It Below.

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Many people are using cream, even many people using version in spray as well which is not bad at all.

But proceed with order your kit to Polish Silver with special cream , in addition to the product must include the cotton balls (to apply the cream), uses disposable gloves (essential to avoid any irritation in hands) and a soft cotton cloth (polishing). Use an old tablecloth on which you can rest the objects, so it will not effect your support surface.

Silver Polish Cream, Polish Silver

At this point of process:

  1. Pour a bit of cream on cotton ball and pass the object silver in a circular fashion. You’ll notice that as you pass the cream the surface will become darker, do not worry because it is removing the oxidation of your silver. If oxidation is still very obvious rehearse in the affected area.
  2. With a clean cotton ball pass again on the object in order to remove the thin layer of cream that you have created. If it’s a chiseled object, be careful right to take over the cream in the processing otherwise wiping the product may remain.
  3. With fleece polished surface of the object trying to follow the same direction, so you do return to the ancient shine and can Polish Silver easily without scratching. Polish with care to avoid getting them “strips” very few aesthetic.

To Polish Silver With spray is faster, but the effect is a bit less precise.

Simply spray on the whole surface, and after a few minutes you can rinse it with warm water to remove the applied product. Finally you are done to Polish Silver, always with a soft cloth after drying the silver object very accurately even in the most hidden parts to avoid traces of water create an oxidation in the future.

Polish silver with household tools

If you love the “homemade” remedies have different possibilities of specific products less smelly, but needing a little ‘more than elbow grease. The result will obviously depend on the degree of oxidation of your silver and your patience in cleaning While you Polish Silver.

1. Another home remedy is the bicarbonate:

Silver cleaning, Polish Silver

can be rubbed dry with your hands or with a soft cotton cloth , maybe a little wet cloth or object. After rubbing it, polish well with a soft and dry cotton cloth. Alternatively you can mix baking soda with boiling water (a tablespoon of baking soda per quart of water) and soak the silver objects for a few seconds (if you are little oxidized). Polishing should always be made with fleece.

2.with a little ‘of toothpaste

cleaning-jewelry, Polish Silver

You can Polish Silver object or silver jewel with a little ‘of toothpaste , than in simple white paste without lumps or glitter. On your finger put a little bit of toothpaste moistened with water and sprinkle on silver. Rub it gently for 3-4 minutes, you will notice that the paste darkens gradually taking on a grayish color that oxidation is removed.

polishing_cloth_silver_jewelry, Polish Silver

Remember: even the toothpaste, such as specific products for silver, is slightly abrasive . After a few minutes the object washed with warm water, making sure not to leave any residue in any corner. If you need to, you can repeat the process until as silver will not seem quite clean. After drying with care, always polish it with a soft cotton cloth.

3. Ultimate solution “DIY”: salt, aluminum and water

how-to-clean-silver-with-aluminum-foil, Polish Silver

Just make a container suitable for the size to Polish Silver items comfortably, cover it with aluminum foil on the bottom for food (alternatively you could use aluminum containers disposable food) and add the salt from the bottom of the kitchen (more or minus 1 handful per liter of water). Place the objects in the container and then pour boiling water. Let the objects immersed depending on the degree of oxidation, dry it and rub it with a soft cotton cloth.

Silver cleaning should be repeated several times a year, especially if the environment in which you keep your silver are particularly hot.

But be careful: all these recommendations are effective only for the silver, because if there are stones set in your objects you risk to ruin it!

The same warning applies to the cleaning of ancient objects of value: the silver will regain shine, but you could delete all details that characterize this type of objects.



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