Leopard Jewelry Collection By Cartier

Exclusive Leopard Jewelry Collection, Panthers are extraordinary animals. Whether tame or timid, powerful, or lascivious, or sovereign furious, stormy or calm, mysterious, dormant, or protective of dreaming – the Cartier jewelry artists begin a gesture of these precious felines.

Leopard Jewelry CollectionExploiting Creative Richness With Leopard Jewelry Collection

Whether practicing movement or attack position, and the leopard fabric provides for a jewelry collection, exploiting their creative richness Cartier’s new distinctive and alluring Leopard Jewelry Collection came up eith. Ceramic pendant, cuff bracelets, textured rings, necklaces, rings as a companion, cushion-cut yellow sapphires, cabochons of chalcedony, sapphire or emerald, and the Panthers show up in the perfection of the historical savoir-afire of the goldsmiths.

Tamed, wild and powerful

Panthers are one of the largest cat species and are proud and noble animal with shiny noses and distinctive profiles. Cartier has certainly done an art and, inter alias established the ears of brilliant studded chains, whose significant flexibility in contrast to the rigidity of the black strap is made of powdered tissue. What do you think about this diamond Leopard Jewelry Collection? We are eager to know your opinion about these jewelries.

Diamond Leopard Is Getting Live Great Official Video



Delicate and vulnerable

A white snow at Cartier Panther quivers with a stunning coat of diamonds and onyx. He snorts and powerfully demonstrates its strength. All types of assets panther roar, and drawing the attention. Cartier captures the moment in front of a stylish and fascinates with an unusual presentation: modern, volatile and tender, surrounded by a collar of blue sapphire beads. The velvety feel of the thick hide is reflected in a subtle geometric network.

Sensual and gentle

A panther is aware of its beauty and is often stretched out lasciviously before the eyes of the beholder. Just because of the unique bas-relief of yellow gold and black lacquer. The eyes of tsavorite garnets fit into a wise and gentle profile. The other side of a big cat, which tames wild nature in a delicate ring by Cartier’s┬áLeopard Jewelry Collection panther head grazilen whose imaginary eyes of eyelashes and a look of kindness are lined up.

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