How to Simplify the Process of Finding New Office Space

Whether you are working for a new start-up business or a multi-national company, the task of finding new office space in London can be testing at times. By asking a few simple questions, though, you can make the whole experience much more straightforward.

find new office space in London

Location and Access to the office space in London

Firstly, it is important to make sure that the planned location has good transport links. While good road links are fine if all the employees have a car, it is unfair to not also consider good public transport links while you are finding a new office space in London. Many workers do not want to drive to work, for a number of reasons. They may not have a car, they may not have access to the family vehicle or they might want to travel in ways which are more environmentally friendly.

For this reason, it is a good idea to make sure that there are accessible bus routes, underground stations, tram stops, or links to whatever means of public transport are used in your city or town. This means that all workers can reach the office, on time, without having to go through too much stress and hassle. New office space on the edge of town, on old industrial land for example, may work out cheaper, but if access is a problem any financial savings become a false economy.

Image and Reputation

It is also wise to consider the reputation and image of the area into which you are considering moving your office space in London¬†and how that reputation can affect your business. Moving into new units on an industrial estate may well suit an engineering company, but it might be less suitable for a business selling ladies’ underwear. Some areas may also have a reputation for crime and anti-social behavior which some potential customers may find off-putting.

This also links to the issue of how accessible the office is for visitors, whether they are potential clients, delivery drivers, or new employees. If the office looks rundown and dilapidated from the outside and is in an area with an anti-social reputation, it can be very discouraging indeed. Whenever a place looks tempting from a price point of view, you must look at the big picture. Places are often cheap for a reason and one very good reason is often that they look terrible and are in a rundown area.

Food and Drink

While it may not seem important when you are considering other important issues, access for staff to local amenities is also crucial. No one really wants to work in an area in which there is nowhere to get anything to eat, for example, or nowhere to go for a quick drink after work. Working in an area in which there are no amenities can become very depressing and cause quite a lot of hassle for employees too. It is also more pleasant for everyone to work in an area in which there are things happening and people moving about than it is to be somewhere grim, isolated and lonely.

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