Five Alternative Chic Home Accessories

Your home can be transformed through the clever use of beautiful and chic accessories. The right small additions can be the focal point of your interior decoration and bring real character to your living space. Home accessories may include typical home furnishings such as cushions and rugs but you can also find more alternative items to adorn your home. Drawer handles, door knobs, coat stands, signs and wall hooks can all do the job of giving your home more character and ensuring it is a special space to live in.
Home Accessories

One of the very important home accessories is, drawer handles

Most hardware stores will have a range of door handles to choose from, but it is worth investigating stores which hold vintage stock or shops with a more decorative outlook to find something really special. You can transform a boring looking cabinet or chest of drawers through a more creative choice of drawer handle, so bringing character and maybe a splash of color to the room.

Door knobs

While you may not think a door knob could have a big impact on the décor of your home, they are consistently used and seen. By selecting a door knob with a pattern or of a certain colour you can brighten up your home and bring an element of chic to your house.

Signs for your house

There are a variety of different uses that signage in your home can have. The most obvious use of a sign is to name your house. This can really add a sense of style and character to your home and make it a welcoming property, although deciding on a name may be the most difficult part. Other signage to have around your house are names or directions for rooms. You could also have purely decorative signs with sayings or brand names. Designs of signage may be vintage or retro to give your house a definite style.

Coat stand

A coat stand can bring a sense of elegance to your hallway. You will need to ensure you have the space to incorporate a vintage style free standing coat stand as they can take up more space than you might think. As well as being a classy addition to your entrance a coat stand can be a functional piece of furniture for hanging many coats, hats and for umbrellas.

Wall hooks

Wall hooks for coats or hanging keys can potentially be quite dull, but by choosing something more creative you’ll be bringing some panache. Wall hooks can be found in the shape of animals, love hearts or beautiful abstract designs. You can find hooks made in materials such as ceramics or metal that make them a feature and add a sense of chic to your home.

Whether you use an accessory as a source of inspiration for the rest of your decor or to finish a room off, they can be the difference between a nice living space and somewhere that is special, homely and beautiful to live in.


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