Future Computer – Operation In The Air

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Touch Free Computer

Computer Without Key-Board, Mouse And Monitor Screen

   We all have seen Tom Cruise In the movie “Minority Report” in which he played a Very futuristic character he was controlling the computer by flowing his hands on air in front of the computer monitor screen seems. It looks quite dreamy Future Computer – Operation In The Air but not any more. Currently as per announcement by the scientists they are thinking of creating an image sensor which would consumer deal with computers same as per shown in movie.

Futuristic Gadgets

   The whole process goes with image sensors that have digital cameras with light sensitive chips incorporated. It has new generation sensors that records 3D images and also record the distance of a person from it. Engineers strongly believe that sensors latest invention could be used in spite of common 2D sensors because latest sensor could be used in various ways. Example for, this sensors track the 3D images as 3D objects speedily.

   In the fields like video games there are chances for wide use. With project Natal the software giant, Microsoft has taken step towards the no-touch interface. Canastra (company) is also going to be implied same innovation of technology in television, which will react on hand movement of person and  Increase-decrease volume, change channel etc. task will be done. Canestra’s CEO, Jim Spare believe that user would have control their computer by their own by moving their hands, if a standard webcam is replaced by the 3D sensor. Smart phone had already used this invention by transforming the touch- screen technology into no-touch tech.

   3D images are developed by the company Canesta and partnership with the giant company like Honda and Hitachi is all its boasts. Every invention should be made available to people this is believed by Mr. Spare. This managed creating a sensor on a CMOS microchip. So that company could start the bulk manufacturing of this latest version at a low cost.

The sensors also are fixed with cars outside or inside that alarm the car driver when they parking the car or running in reverse gear and near to the rear bumpers. Canasta think that sensors also should be fixed into the other vehicles, where the weight detecting machines identify that weather a child is there or not and it alarm us to when we should deploy airbag.



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