6 Best Tips To Get Strong And Healthy Hair

The hair is an important part of female’s beauty. Especially when they are healthy with silky shine. The main thing is a healthy scalp! We have the best tips for strong and healthy hair, that can work for everyday life.

Dry, brittle, greasy, frigid …
If we do not maintain our hair carefully, our hair will take revenge! Here you have 6 best tips that really helps.

1. Gentle cleansing for healthy hair

Get strong and healthy hair

Wash your hair only every three days. Too much hair washing can lead to increased sebum production on the scalp and thus to greasy hair.

2. How do you get Strong And Healthy Hair? The secret lies in the shampoo!

Use a product that matches your hair type (for dry, greasy or colored hair, etc.).

When you go for purchasing, make sure that the PH value of the shampoo is suitable for your scalp, and that the formulation simultaneously moisturizes the capillary structure and makes it supple.

In addition, when you buy a shampoo, make sure that it does not contain any silicones. If these are not washed properly, they deposit on the scalp and forms a film layer that seals the hair. This silicone deposit is, for example, a reason why hair can not be dyed properly.

The worst consequence of the deposits: The hair becomes heavy and dries under the silicone layer and we have many other reasons to use Silicone Free Shampoo. So we highly recommend you to use Silicone Free Shampoo only!

3. So you care your hair properly: Shampoo properly apply will be learned

Make the hair wet, put a little shampoo in the open hand and spread in the hair.

Treat your scalp with a gentle massage and allow the shampoo to work briefly before you thoroughly rinse it.

Very important: Wash the hair twice In any case. This does not stress the scalp unnecessarily. Give a large amount of runny hazelnut to the wet hair to restore the natural protective film. For the brave among you: Finally, refresh your head with cold water. This strengthens the hair follicles and gives the hair a silky shine.

4. And always the question: with or without a hair dryer?

Admittedly, to dry the hair in the air, is clearly the healthiest alternative, because hair moisture escapes due to heat from hairdryers.

But who has enough time in the morning to let the hair air dry? If you use a hair dryer, gently wrap the hair in a towel to dry it well. Put the hair dryer on the middle heat level and use a brush made of a natural material so that it does not damage the capillary substance.
Even Hairbrush also plays an important role to get strong and healthy hair so it is important for you to understand your hairbrush.


5. Beauty comes from Inside


If you want to get strong and healthy hair, do not miss these 3 Golden Rules:

  • No stress! Because stress contributes to the fact that oil production increases, more dandruff occurs and the hair loss is accelerated.
  • Sports helps! Physical activity helps the organism to excrete the toxins through transpiration or via the sebum of the skin. Do not forget: You should wash your hair after the sport, in order to remove all perspiration residues.
  • A balanced diet also strengthens the hair! Proteins, zinc, iron and B vitamins provide important vitamin substances for strong and thick hair.

6. Get strong and healthy hair: the right care for every type of hair

Greasy, dry or matt – here you will find the right care for your hair type.
  • Oily hair

It is because of an excessive production of sebum on the scalp.
The solution: To illuminate greasy hair back to health, sebum regulating and scalp can be cured. For this, a gentle and deeply effective care is, Do massage with the special cleansing lotion into the scalp carefully!

  • Dry Hair

The reason: At too low sebum to open the hair die and the hair becomes dry and dull.
The solution: a lot of moisture! A combination of a moisturizing shampoo and a developing hair mask treats the dry hair with an intensive repair complex. Combine your hair again and again with a soft brush of wild boar bristles to spread the natural sebum well.

  • Mat and lackluster hair

The reason: When the hair slide on the fiber trunk, it reflects the light poorly, so the hair looks dull and lackluster.
The solution: Use after washing hair, regularly flushing gives your hair a new gloss and intense luminosity again. You can also add a little lemon juice or a tablespoon of white wine to the rinse water to strengthen the sparkle effect!



D.P. Ranpariya

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