What Is Google TV – Know Google TV By Sony

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   What Is Google TV

Sony announced on Monday (25) will begin selling Internet TV Player with Google by the end of the year. (What Is Google TV – Know Google TV By Sony) Shown in January during the CES 2012 electronics fair, the device reaches the market to complete the ecosystem of Sony products and create an integrated environment among its Xperia smartphones, tablets, and audio and video equipment.

The Player is an Internet set-top box that can be connected to a conventional TV streaming capabilities to provide Internet access through the browser Google Chrome and play audio and video formats and various codecs, including Xvid (by a firmware update) and Matroska. The browser can display Flash content and Java through the Wi-Fi, in addition to download that is saved in the internal memory of 8 GB.

Sony has Internet Player dual-core processor of 1.2 GHz and 8 GB of internal storage.

“Contents of entertainment are available through many channels and websites, and Google TV helps consumers easily find what they want to watch, listen or play using the Google search technology, improving the viewer experience,” said the president of Sony Electronics, Phil Molyneux. “TV will never be the same,” he adds.

Google TV from Sony also has features like noise reduction in video, photo viewing and 3D support for audio files in AAC, MP3 and WMA. These files can be accessed directly through a digital camera, PSP, USB stick or external hard drive formatted in FAT32 or NTFS. The device also makes streaming videos from Netflix and YouTube, processed by a chip dual-core 1.2 GHz

Device has two USB ports, Ethernet and HDMI outputs.

The set-top box comes with remote Bluetooth physical keyboard with backlight, a touchpad and a motion sensor to play with the games available for Android at the Play Store. “Hundreds” of applications are adapted to the big screen TVs, according to the manufacturer. The control is also universal and can be used in TVs and audio equipment and video.

In the North American market, Sony will sell the Internet Player for $ 199. In Latin America, Brazil and Mexico will receive the product until the end of the year, but the price was not disclosed. Whereas the Apple TV at $ 99 sells for $ 399 in Brazil, it is likely that the gadget from Sony is positioned in the range of $ 800, as the Boxee Box, D-Link (ie very expensive) . A variant with Blu-ray costs $ 299, but not available here.

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