Google’s Exclusive Next Tablet Release : LG-Nexus-4, Nexus-10 Or iPad Mini!


Google’s Next Tablet Release Exclusive : LG-Nexus-4, Nexus-10 Or iPad Mini!)Google is not ceding the technology media highlight to Microsoft and Apple. As Apple obtains set to reveal its iPad-mini, and as Microsoft revs up for its Surface-Pro release, Google is lubricating the gossip work with some ideas about an extended Google Nexus line. It is most likely a 32GB, 7inch tablet, one with 3G, and perhaps a 10inch variation. A new Nexus smart phone could be in the functions as well, probably operating an updated Android operating system.

Google could be ready to reveal new Nexus tablet promotions at next Monday’s media event in NYC. The search king is also probable to present a new smart phone, the LG-Nexus 4, powered by Android-4.2 operating system.

The moment of the event is definitely exciting, as it occurs afterwards the same day that Microsoft is having a Windows Cell phone 8 functions in San Francisco. It’ll stick to Microsoft’s own New York City Windows 8 function this Thursday, presenting its Surface tablet, along with Apple’s significantly expected announcement of an iPad mini, scheduled to occur on Tuesday.

“The playground is open,” declare Google’s announcements to the function, indicating this may be the company’s effort to present a true game changer with its new Nexus devices.

Obviously, besides the head-to-head moment, it could be that Google team might continue to carry some news back.

“Google may lay down low until finally the Windows 8 unveiling is over,” said by Roger Kay, main analyst at (Endpoint Technologies Associates). “No point in having dropped in Microsoft’s barrage. Google can discover a quiet spot ahead of CES to update its placement and branding.”

Google failed to answer to request for additional details.

Will Actually Present Two New Versions

Google's Next Tablet Release


It is actually rumored that Google will present 2 new 32-GB versions of the Nexus 7, one will contain HSPA+(3G support), creating for a tablet that is prepared to hit the street.

Google is also likely to launch details of ten inch tablet from Samsung.

This “Codename Manta” system reportedly works on Google’s new Android-4.2 Operating System, and it will provide 2560×1600 resolutions. It is assumed that the Manta could be announced as the Nexus-10.

How this system will spot up versus the most recent products from Apple, Amazon and even Microsoft has still to be found, but it is obvious that lines are getting sketched in the sand, if it is not carved in rock when it comes to what every tablet provides users.

“In a actual way, tablet progress is progressively demanding users to choose which walled garden they desire to be locked into, said by Charles King, he is the principal analyst at (Pund-IT).”Apple proceeds to follow a seriously proprietary strategy which tries to firmly manage the content, apps & services users accessibility.”

“Amazon has generally used the Amazon kindle as a gateway for book sales, but the company is seeking ahead to expand the Kindle channel to an improving number of products & services,” King has told to TechNewsWorld.

“With the Surface pro, Microsoft is trying to make a Windows-centric user-experience which is far smaller than traditional PCs,” he mentioned.

Google’s Next Move


Google seems to be looking at a distinct method, but offered that it has maintained to dominate the smart phone market, regarding the most popular Operating System; it could be seeking to create an equivalent play in the tablet market.

“Google is presenting the closest element to an open tablet foundation of any dealer,” said by King. “Some would argue towards this, but I believe that, the company’s control of a wide range of Web-enabled applications and services, such as its own Web-based promotions, it is especially more versatile than everything Apple, Amazon & Microsoft are presently providing or propose for the future.”

Those applications could give Google such advantage.

“Google has completed a great job lining up applications,” said by Rhoda Alexander, the senior manager for monitors and tablets at (IHS iSuppli). “Google has funds to develop those types of investment strategies to develop applications for the tablet market.”

The search engine giant could also carry a page from Amazon’s playbook & possibly Apple’s in going after the informative market.

“Amazon’s force into education and learning is exciting, and it is a probably huge market,” Alexander said TechNewsWorld. “The education and learning market reveals new opportunities for vendors as it provides them the capability to sell every year. The vendors are truly organizing to reveal products and solutions for that market.”



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