Green Building in New York-A Cool Modern Pyramid

Nowadays Danish architects are working on a project which is inspired by pyramid and it will be a Green Building in New York-A Cool Modern Pyramid according to the architects.

Pyramid is very impressive word connected with ancient architecture. We always remember pyramids with Egyptian history. It is such a grate monument for historical architecture. Nowadays Danish architects are working on a project which is inspired by pyramid and it will be a modern pyramid. It will be a modern pyramid according to the architects. They are working on a residential project which is inspired by pyramid but some characters are totally different in this project, lets compare some characteristics between modern and ancient pyramid. The first and main plus point for modern pyramid is, it is designed for live people to stay over there. And the ancient pyramid was built as a tomb; it was the icon of dryness. And in compare to that pyramid this will be a fully ventilated green building. That pyramid has created history for ancient architecture as a tomb. And this pyramid will create history as a modern residential building. Danish architects have designed this new amazing residential building heaving 600 residential units. And this modern green pyramid is located in Manhattan the beautiful city of New York. This cool building provides a new refreshing look at West 57th sector and is expected to be completed by 2016.

Cool Modern Pyramid New York

Cool Modern Pyramid

Anatomy of this Eco friendly architectural design depends on our vision. Its shape varies as per our position changes, when we see this building from highway of west side it looks like an angled pyramid and tanned out to be pointed and if we are watching it from West 58th Street. The concept and creative idea behind this amazing modern pyramid will give a very beautiful building to the world. We are very eager to know your opinion about this modern pyramid of Manhattan.




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