Hairbrush guide: understand your brush

Understand your hairbrush with this well explained Hairbrush guide because Most of us have a nice arsenal of styling and care products for the hair. But the beauty helpers bring only half as much if the hairbrush with which we work our hair can not keep up.

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The best investment in beautiful and healthy hair is, therefore a good hairbrush! But which one is the right one? Because whether curly, smooth, brittle or dry hair , has played an important role in choosing the right hair brush. We explain what the brush Styling helper number one for your hair is,


Hairbrush guide: styling tool with added value


Brushes not only make a passable hairstyle out of a morning confusion, they are also important for hair and scalp to stay healthy. The brush strokes stimulate the circulation of the scalp and thus promote the supply of the hair roots with nutrients. Dead skin cells are removed and horns loosened.

Hairbrush simultaneously transport the natural skin fat (sebum) of the scalp into the hair lengths. Our hair needs a protective greasy film to “repel” the harmful influences from the outside.

However, if you get rid of the wrong tool, you can destroy it by brushing it.Which hair brushes for gentle hair care are recommended? learn it here:

Hairbrush guide: The gentle all-purpose brush


Our main advice: Invest in high-quality hairbrushes, even if they are slightly more expensive. Brushes of poor quality can have bristles that look like microscopes under the microscope.

You can imagine that such bristles make the hair more maltreat than nurture. The natural bristles are gentle on the hair. They have the same surface structure as human hair and are therefore especially gentle to the small scalps that encircle the hair shaft.

Experts recommend hairbrushes for gentle combing, which combine longer, high-quality plastic bristles with slightly shorter natural hairs.The slightly longer bristles massage the scalp, while the natural hair spreads the sebum in the hair and smoothes its surface.


Hairbrush to unravel – the Tangle Teezer

tangle-teezer-hairbrush women

The so-called ‘Detangler hairbrushes’ – for example the ‘Tangle Teezer’ – look like small plastic eggs. Their soft synthetic bristles are so supple that they are perfect for untangling your hair. Especially women with long hair know the problem: After washing or a windy day, the hair is so matted that with a normal hair color is no passing through. The plastic bristles of the ‘Detangler’ glide much more easily and thus more gently through the hair. The secret is to be the bristles of different lengths. With the ‘Detangler’ it is then: Pluck and tugging!

However, when it comes to styling, other criteria are important in choosing the right hairbrush. Depending on whether her fine hair or luscious curls have if their volume or waves in sleek look want to transform – for every styling need there is the right brush! Which hairbrushes are suitable for which hair, we show you here:

Paddle Brush – flat brush for smooth hair


The flat and angular hairbrush is called ‘paddle brush’ by stylists and hairdressers. Their bristles are usually made of plastic. The hair glides relatively well, but for styling, this type of hairbrush is less suitable, because they offer too little ‘grip’.

The ‘Paddle Brush’ is a good choice for those who have longer, stronger hair that they prefer to wear smoothly. It is best used for blow drying: thanks to its large working surface, the hair can be dried more quickly and smoothed at the same time.

Swing into the tips or volume into the booth; however the paddle brush can not. If the hair is almost dry, you should use a round brush – this grips in the hair better and thus can shape it better.

Small round brush – Small but fine!


In your hairbrush collection, it should not be missing: the small round brush. Especially if you have fine hair, which needs more stand at the neck. With a round brush, you can quickly get your hair into the hair.

Our tip: Dry your hair up to about 80 percent with a hair dryer before styling. Now split small hair parts and attach the brush to the hairline. Straighten the hair dryer on the brush and try to keep the hair always on tension. Do not forget: Pre-heat the hair in the hair, so that the heat of the hair does not damage the hair.

Large round brush


They are excellent styling aids for smooth, longer hair. Thanks to the special shape, large round brushes during blow drying bring a lot of volume into the hair and the tension in the hair bands, which is necessary for a haircut to fall beautifully.

For the house use, you should get a model with wild boar bristles. The hair in the hair better than those made of plastic and bring a lot of shine into the hair. A success is the styling, but only if their features considered:

Does the hair always only in games, which then puts her on the round brush. When the blow-dry is best to let the attachment on the hair dryer and the air flow from top to bottom. Styling with the large round brush is a matter of systematic: hectic handling often causes the hair to become tangled in the hairbrush. For less volume, you can pull the brush down through the hair, for more volume you should pull the brush upwards.

Skeleton brush for curly hair


Admittedly, the name sounds creepy, the skeleton brush is a harmless styling tool, which is particularly useful with curly hair. Normal hairbrushes with tight bristles would only make ‘curls’ curls and curls. The skeletal breasts, however, slide with their widely separated bristles well through lush manes and leave behind beautifully defined curls.

Clean hairbrush – important for brush and hair

Whether skeletal or round brush – all hairbrush needs cleaning every two weeks. Removes all hair with a coarse-tipped comb. Then foam the brush head with a little shampoo and lukewarm water and rinse thoroughly. The brush is hygienically clean and ready for use again.



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