How to Know Designer Plus Sized Jeggings Are Genuine

When you buy designer jeggings, you want to make sure that you buy something worth your money. Designer products are often expensive but this is because of the quality. They will last longer than cheaper items so you get more value for your money. The problem is that many people want designer at a low price and this runs the risk of buying fake items. It is important to know how to find fake items, which are made from cheap material and will disintegrate quickly.

How to Know Designer Plus Sized Jeggings Are Genuine

Check the Price

It is possible to buy designer products at a low price but you need to think sensibly when looking at the prices. If the price looks too good to be true then it probably is. Most designer sales will offer no more than 50% off, depending on the type of sale. Fake products are often on sale for 90% of the regular designer price and this is a big warning.

Check the Labels

The designer jeggings will have a designer label inside. Fake ones also have a label that looks similar but there will be some differences. It can be tricky to tell the difference through so, if in doubt, print the real label off and compare them with the products you find.

This is often much harder when it comes to buying online. You will need to check the photo but this could be a genuine photo used. Talk to the suppliers and do further checks before you spend a penny.

Check the Quality of the Stitching

When you buy genuine designer products the stitching will be flawless. There will be no frayed edges, loose threads or gaps. This is because of the quality and help to keep the product durable to offer the best value for money. When you buy fake products, you can usually tell by the stitching. It may be disjointed or frayed because of the machines that are used.

It is easier to check the stitching when buying jeggings in a store; it is much harder when buying online. You will need to look carefully at the pictures sent and talk to the owners to determine the quality to make sure they are worth your money.

Check the Quality of the Material

Like the stitching, the items will be made with high quality material with genuine designer plus sized jeggings. The companies pay more money for the material, which is why the products are worth much more. Those selling fakes and counterfeit products will buy cheaper material to keep their production costs down. This leads to lower quality clothes. You will end up spending much more replacing fake products than if you bought one, high quality designer product.

Again, this is difficult to do when shopping online. You need to continue with your investigation to make sure the site is selling genuine jeggings.

Research the Company

Most designer products are sold through certain outlets, whether through the brand’s online store or selected places. Fake products are often sold on market stalls and through strange, low-priced websites. You need to research the company to make sure the products on offer are genuine. This is possible whether you are shopping online or on the high street.

Check reviews of the company to find out what others have to say. This is a great way to finding companies offering low quality products or who have problems in delivering everything promised. If people have been scammed with fake products, you are likely to find out quickly with online research.

Buying genuine plus sized jeggings is important. They will help you save money in the long run. Fake products may be much cheaper but they are not made to the high standards and are not as durable.

Author bio:

This guest post was written by Doug Beason, a freelance fashion designer. He works with many companies offering his skills and understands the importance of high quality. He has helped with creating many products, including Plus size jeggings, jeans and dresses.



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