How To Polish The Gold jewelry ?

We often see gold jewelry worn without worrying that they are clean or not. And since there are, we must say: it is aesthetically not very elegant, feminine and downright unacceptable for nothing! You have to take care of your objects, otherwise it is better to leave them at home. And if you are worried about how to polish the gold jewelry? than don’t worry we will show you how can you do it easily.

We must remember that gold is a gentle enough metal, so we have to polish it regularly and keep well.

Before you know about how to polish gold jewelry, it’s important to know that,

What hurts gold ?

Our daily habits

You may have noticed that, as happens with other metals, even gold tends to oxidize same as we discussed in our other article about how to polish silver jewelry (become darker or rusty in color), which makes it much less beautiful to wear. And it happens mainly because of our daily habits, Such as  splashing the scent before putting the earrings ; slather creams before you wear a bracelet or necklace ; or use soaps and detergents without removing ring .

Causing it to lose luster and color

We may not notice, but the truth is that all these practices create a chemical reaction in the gold which cause discolor in short time that causing it to lose luster and color .

Be clear with two very important points

But now let’s fix it and polish your gold items by yourself with a few readily available tools (also very cheap!) And some simple steps. But first you need to be clear with two very important points.

2 Important points to keep in mind Before you learn about how to polish the gold jewelry

  • The first point is, that the objects to be cleaned should be only gold , no colored stones or pearls, otherwise it could be damaged.
  • The second point is, that there are so many different types of cleaning cloths available for the gold jewelry, but from many people’s experience, I can tell you that they are not as effective as following 3 easy steps.

Step 1. Boiling and wiping

Fill a pot of water with the right dimensions to immerse your jewelry and start boiling it. Make sure to control the temperature of the water, so the gold don’t melt down, and the boiling water can start to wash away the dirt that inevitably accumulates on our jewelry with daily use .
If they are very dirty, you can add a bit ‘of detergent or dishwasher into the water, leave everything on very nominal flame for about 10 minutes.

If you want to clean the hidden corners of your jewelry, you can wipe it with an old toothbrush with soft bristles and make sure that the cleaning action do not omit anything!

Step 2. Rinse and dry

Remove your jewelry from the pot and rinse well under cold water , you will notice that it is brighter than it was before. At this point you can clean it with a soft cotton cloth and dry them very carefully.

Step 3. Use the methylated spirit

Immerse your valuables in a container with some isopropyl alcohol (the simple spirit of the house), which will help to return the ancient brilliance. Leave them inside for about 1-2 hours and after rinse well under cold water , then dry with a soft cotton cloth.

How to polish the gold jewelry ? if it is different colored ?

How To Polish The Gold jewelry
If your jewelry is yellow gold, with these easy steps the result is assured.
If your item is white gold , this being a gold alloy (mixed with other noble metals such as platinum, silver or palladium), with daily use it is possible that your jewelry lose a bit ‘of its rhodium (turning yellow a bit).

In this case you can clean it using the procedure, but to restore the original color bright and shiny Ask your jeweler that rhodium them again.
Let’s be clear, in case of doubt and uncertainty or an insuperable laziness towards the DIY , the best solution is always contact your jeweler or a professional who will certainly know how to polish your item.
And to say that the time has passed since you used to do the dowry in gold, but one thing remains: the era of consumerism, of the here and now , of ‘ disposable and accessory impersonating jewelry, objects in gold are a real asset of which take care .

An investment that never loses value with the passage of time if kept well, indeed . A legacy that has been passed down and wanting you in your turn to leave to the future.



D.P. Ranpariya

Dharmil ranpariya Is a Design Professional and has started researching, and writing to share interesting facts about design and trend which can be useful for the readers in some or other way. He started his Design blog in 2012 and sharing beautiful ideas and information about Design and Lifestyle.

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