Last Day of Fashion Rio – Spring Summer 2013

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Exclusive Fashion Rio Summer 2013

The last day of Fashion Rio – Spring Summer 2013 began with the premiere of Poko Pano runways in Rio. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the brand, the designer Paola Robba Salvador chose as its theme.

Poko Pano

We know that in most cases, the checkmark is the main concern when buying a bikini. But we can not resist the elegance of retro swimsuit from Poko Pano, all drapeadinho, marked with the bust. Turn any woman in a pin up on time. It’s not to love?



Will say that there is this amazing purse that resembles a parachute, but the real refers to that pile of bags that usually carry the homeless for their travels? It was there that the guys in Oestudio was inspired for this collection of summer and the more you find the reference doubtful, can not say that the translation on the catwalk was not cool.


Andrea Marques

The backs are up this season of parades. Almost all brands took to the catwalk looks like ‘enagana-mother’, that make a style in front and another very different – and often more daring – in the back. Andrea Marques took the game to come out and it’s not that we loved this only frill on the back of the pencil skirt?



The Golden scored almost the entire summer collection of Ausländer but we fell in love it was for this pattern of fish bone in hosiery. It gives a fun twist to a classic piece rather than without falling into caricature. We want!



Our side enjoyed this retro revival with sunquíni with hang gliding. Over 90 years, impossible. Need I say more?



The Reserve broke all protocols of fashion. Instead of models parading the summer collection 2013, the brand has led actors to represent the family life – a theme that inspired the brand to celebrate the return to Fashion Week after three years in Sao Paulo. Three scenarios assembled on the runway – two living rooms and dining – together parents, children, siblings, husband, wife and boyfriends. Meanwhile, a flashmob happened in the audience, with the audience jumping and dancing. Sen-sa-cio-nal!



D.P. Ranpariya

I am the man who watching dreams during the day to change trend of the world. I am desiring to set always new trends into the market.

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