what you need to know about Schedule of condition -before leasing property

A schedule of condition records the conditions of the building and the related dimensions in full details. It is so required for the legal and contractual reasons so that there is clarity on every level before leasing property.

It is clear that whenever there is commercial property put on lease or tenancy there is agreement on the responsibilities help by the lessor as well as the lessee. There are three main dimensions of which the responsibility is determined namely the structural, internal and external repairs.

leasing property

As the basic features tend to remain the same in most of the leasing property hence,

The repair and decoration is carried out on the specific interval that may vary from the building to building or property to property. As the basic features tend to remain the same in most of the leasing property hence, it depends on the lessor or the lessee taking the responsibility of the repair and the maintenance of the building. If the lessee is taking the responsibility then leases take the full responsibility or vice versa. Maintaining the good condition of the building or the property then comes in the domain of the chosen side.

In the special scenarios where the lessee has taken the part of the building then the cost of maintenance and repair is divided and the internal repair as subjected to the lessee. The lessee is then obliged to pay the proportion that comes from the external and structural repair as well.

There is no denying to the fact that the schedule of conditions is making the lessor and the lessee to be comfortable with the agreement. The external and the internal conditions are depicted after the thorough survey which makes it highly reliable.

The external condition tends to consider various sub divisions that ranges from the external decoration, to external walls and roofs. The proper surveillance is done before hand so that the reliable reporting can be done.

The external conditions of the building are in satisfactory condition. There are no obvious defects noted in term of roof, gutter and down pipes. Similarly, the external walls are also in serviceable conditions with no significant defects. Apart from the minor decoration needs the external accommodation is in satisfactory and serviceable condition.

In case of the internal accommodation as well there are numerous dimensions that need to be taken care of. This includes the ceilings, floors, stairways etc. in addition to this, the internal accommodation tend to include the services as well that ranges from the lighting, heating etc.

The internal conditions are quite satisfactory and there are no prominent problems in the existing structure. Hence, the internal accommodation passes the serviceable standards quite comfortably. The services that include the electricity and the lighting are in good condition. Floor of the building is well maintained and in good conditions. The internal structures and quite serviceable and there is no significant defect that is detected through the survey. Hence, there is assured standard given to the lessee that is trustworthy and can assure the satisfactory services by the lessor. Hence, you will be getting the best of the services while dealing with Palmer Glew building surveyors.




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