London Olympics Stadium Olympics Games 2012

The exclusive London Olympics Stadium Olympics Games 2012. Despite being built on an island, the architecture did not impress Londoners.

Get Ready For Olympics 2012

The Olympic Stadium in London, which will host the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2012 London Olympics, was inaugurated few days ago. The construction of 60m high and 160 square meters has a capacity of 80 000 people (The Maracana holds 92,000 people, in comparative terms). This capacity will be reduced after the Paralympics Games, when the stadium will become the new home of West Ham United team second division of the Premier League, who won the right to use the stadium in competition with the rival, Tottenham. If necessary, the top ring of the stadium can be disassembled by having the ability to become only 25 thousand.

Perspective of how the Olympic Stadium would be when the new home of West Ham United

Following the trend of ecological architecture, the Olympic Stadium was built with sustainable materials, such as the upper ring, plastic, and the roof truss, made of mild steel beams 15 feet long. The outer stage is coated with a coating ecological particular made of hemp, length of 900m and 67m in height. The bill also provides for the reuse of rainwater.

The Olympic Stadium in the final stages of construction.

The Olympic Stadium in London will have approximately 700 rooms, including locker rooms, bathrooms, cabins, bars and restaurants. The athletics track, which will circle around the lawn, will be installed when the London Olympics are closer to the opening, so that it touches will be made in the final phase of construction material does not spoil the track.



[pullquote_left]The Graphics Shows, how the stadium will be built and its component parts.[/pullquote_left]

The architecture is signed by the firm Populous, which specializes in the construction of sports venues, and by the English architect Peter Cook. Despite the Populous have several successful projects around the world (such as the Emirates Stadium, home of Arsenal), the Olympic Stadium in London was not the reception he wanted. Costing nearly 500 million pounds, Londoners expect an amazing building, which became a national symbol, such as the Beijing Olympic Stadium, dubbed the “Bird’s Nest.” What we see, however, is a project still raw and without many elements that draw attention.

Londoners hoped that the Olympic Stadium in London was a national landmark, as is the Olympic stadium in Beijing 2008.

The actual construction of the Olympic stadium has caused controversy after quitting the government to continue funding the space. The chemical industry Dow Chemical agreed to fund the project in 2010. However, the company was criticized for being connected with a construction company that built a pesticide plant in the city of Bhopal, India, and later protagonizaria, the one of the worst industrial disasters, natural history, in 1984.



The English architect Peter Cook, who signs the design of the Olympic Stadium with the firm Populous.

But we can only know if the stage of the London 2012 Olympics will be just another building in London when it is fully completed and running at the opening of the Olympic Games.

The London Olympic Stadium was inaugurated just before few days.

Speaking at the opening, it was confirmed that director Danny Boyle (of 127 Hours and Who Wants To Be a Millionaire) will lead the show called “The Island of Enchantment.” Queen Elizabeth II and her consort, Prince Phillip, will be responsible for opening the Games, officially. Although it was revealed that a short film starring Daniel Craig as secret agent James Bond will be aired during the television coverage of the ceremony, with expected audience of over 4 billion people.


Daniel Craig and Queen Elizabeth II: monarch and her consort, the Duke of Edinburgh, will perform the official opening of the Games. Secret agent James Bond, played by Daniel Craig, will have a short film aired on television during the opening ceremony.

What do you think of the new Olympic Stadium London 2012 Olympics? Boring or interesting? How do you think should be the Olympic stadium in Brazil in the Olympics? Comment, give your opinion!




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