Madonna Announces Exclusive Line Of Shoes

Madonna Announces Exclusive Line Of Shoes The initial offering consists of the creation of shoes in more than 60 styles, including heels, sandals, boots and long boots, with prices ranging from $ 89 to $ 349 of looks inspired by the dance

The singer and icon of music and fashion is launching his own collection of shoes by brand Truth or Dare, owned by MG Icon. The collection will be launched later this year and will be produced by Aldo Group Inc., marking the first license agreement for the footwear company.

The business idea came about through Aldo Product Services, a division created in February 2010 to deal with wholesale, private-label and now licensing agreements.

MG Icon is a joint venture formed in 2010 by Madonna and her manager Guy oseary and brand of Iconix Brand Group Inc., with launches of brands and clothes soon after the premiere and launch of the perfume “Truth Or Dare ‘that happen in April.


More than 60 styles of shoes

exclusive line shoes

“Footwear has always been a critical part of our plan,” said Iconis CEO, Neil Cole. As for Aldo, the partnership is a great opportunity to add a new dimension to your business. “It’s a way for us to move forward,” says Nicholas Martire, Aldo Product Services representative.

The initial offering in her exclusive line of shoes consists of the creation of shoes in more than 60 styles, including heels, sandals, boots and long boots, with prices ranging from $ 89 to $ 349 of looks inspired by the dance, will feature studs details and “cap-toe.” The Madonna’s stylist, Arianne Phillips, will serve as creative consultant, since Madonna should switch to using their own collections on tour and photo shoots.

The highlight, however, goes to Madonna, who should participate in each building and give the final verdict. “There’s a touch of Madonna at all in this brand,” says Arianne. “The first thing I did was remind her of all the shoes she wore over the years and we took the styles she can not live without. You can always depend on her to take the provocative style and toughness, but it also has a very feminine. ”

exclusive line shoes





exclusive line of shoes

The shoe collection comes with the support of a great team of retail, including Nordstrom, Macy and, which was also the launch partner for Madonna’s first project in the area, the line ‘Material Girl’, which launched in August, 2010. This time, select stores will have special exhibits to promote the brand “Truth or Dare”, such as Selfridges in the UK and The Bay in Canada. Besides the appeal of the name associated with Madonna, Macy’s team was impressed with the brand of “big shoes and boots,” said Deanna Williams, spokesman for the store. “We think our customers will get very excited about this line, mainly because it is an iconic line, innovative and creative, like Madonna.”

Looking to the future, Cole said he is planning to expand this brand worldwide to Germany, France, Spain and Italy in 2013.

Source : Timeslive



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