How To Make Impressive jewelry packaging By Doing Less

If the right jewelry for your friend, mother, father or daughter is finally found, you are already facing the next challenge: How do I pack the gift correctly so that it becomes the right eye catcher? First of all, there are some color and material combinations, which always provide an eye-catcher. In addition, there are also new trends in Making Impressive jewelry packaging and style every year. Especially this year there is a lot of environmental protection. Also in the gift packaging, one can do a lot To Make Impressive jewelry packaging. Time for Christmas shows The Jeweller shop , what you need to consider to make your gift to a thoroughly rewarding overall package.

How to put my gift in a scene & Make Impressive jewelry packaging ?

Colors and shapes

As a matter of principle, everything that is fun and pleases is allowed in gift packs. One can achieve great effects with subtle means. Is there a football club, for example, which is particularly favored by the person to be presented? A gift wrapping in the colors of the respective club can provide for a special treat in the case and shows you that they have thought a lot. The same applies, of course, to favorite colors. If your mother painted your entire apartment in various shades of green, this is a clear indication of what color you like. Of course, simple inquiries are not forbidden.

If you prefer to rely on proven color combinations instead, we have a small selection of combinations for you that always work:

Red and gold

Make Impressive jewelry packaging By Doing Less

The Christmas classic Photo r among the colors is still very popular. If the two get together in combination, the first association is Gingerbread, Christmas tree, and Father Christmas. For the Christmas festival, this combination is always a hit. You can spice up the classic variation of red paper and a golden ribbon by writing the Christmas greetings directly on the gift paper with a golden adding. If one is artistically gifted, of course also decorations in the form of small pictures (pine tree, reindeer, etc.) are a nice change.

Silver and green

silver green gift packaging

This combination looks very classy and classic. Although a little cooler than red and gold, the composition arouses a festive atmosphere and also works wonderfully for Christmas, but also for birthdays or other special occasions. Depending on which green variant you choose, you can achieve different effects. Fir green fits very well for Christmas or especially noble gifts, while bright green or neon green is looking fruity, young, cheerful and fresh.

Copper and pink

copper pink gift packaging

These two are the Christmas trend colors 2015 and may not be missing at any Gabentisch. And also a combination with Braun is conceivable and this year quite popular. The colors look warm and quiet, making them ideal for any kind of gift.
In order To Make Impressive jewelry packaging process itself a little easier, it is worthwhile placing your jewelry in a box or a case. In this way, you not only protect the valuable jewelry but also make the gift packaging much easier. Square or rectangular boxes can be decorated much more easily and more beautifully than individual parts. You can also still purchase additional jewelry case.

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Presents sustainable packaging – to protect the environment with your packaging

Who does not know it? There is a great deal of trouble with the packaging of his gifts, but ten minutes after the gift, one sits in the middle of a large pile of paper and the loving packaging is not much left. What is a bit annoying for you in the worst case is a disaster for the environment. In Germany alone, approx. 50,000 tons of paper waste are collected annually;Just for Christmas! The huge amount of material can be easily reduced with a few simple tricks. We have compiled a brief summary:


1.Use newspapers, magazines or sheet music

magazine paper gift packaging

can easily become a creative and individual gift packaging. The best thing to consider is the likes of the person to be presented. If this is a big Robbie Williams fan, for example, she will probably be even more pleased with your idol than with a simple gift paper. It is also conceivable to give an indication of the contents of the packet already during the packaging. A trendy piece of jewelry, packaged in the pages of a lifestyle magazine, makes twice as much.


2.Pack gifts with gifts!

What sounds crazy, is actually super easy and is often even on! For example, if you have two parts that fit together (eg, Cookbook and Apron), you can fit the two by matching the book with the apron. So you save two packages and have a nice creative side effect. The same applies to small things like our jewelry cases. These can be super hidden in a new scarf or a pair of gloves.


3.Reuse reusable packaging

This can be a solid gift box, a gift box for bottles or flasks or simply: fabric! In Japan, this Impressive jewelry packaging style has been a long way and a long time. The packaging of gifts in a fabric is called “Furoshiki” and is translated as “bath towel”. What is meant is that the objects to be given away are wrapped in a large rectangular cloth and fixed by folding technique. How exactly this works, you can look at numerous internet tutorials.

With these simple tips, you can do a great job for our environment while creating a special gift package. It does not always have to be high-gloss paper and loop to create an eye-catcher.



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