Makeup Tips: Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

Large eyes make a face look younger and more attractive. But do you have little eyes? Do not worry! If you have natural little eyes, you can make small eyes look bigger with a few makeup tricks. We are going to reveal it to you with what handgrips and products, so you can make small eyes look bigger in no time.

You Can Make Small Eyes Look Bigger With These 8 Makeup Tricks That Works Best


Step 1: Black Eyeliner


For some years this beauty item must not be missing in the make-up bag: black eyeliner!

The small beauty helper is an important investment to make small eyes look bigger as a result.

First of all, Let’s go with a line on the upper lid. Pull the eyeliner along the lash line so that it runs slightly upwards.

Hence this light “Cat-Eye-Effect” magnifies the eyes visually a bit.

Important: Even the upper waterline heed! It is best to use the upper waterline with a black eyeliner – best waterproof. This emphasizes the eye and makes it look bigger.eyeliner-ideas

Step 2: Set To Contrasts

Dark or light eyeshadow: What helps to make small eyes look bigger?

dark-eye-shadows to Make Small Eyes Look Bigger

The answer: Both – combined! The top lid coats in a light color. For more depth, you can give darker and matte nuances over the eyelid folds. The ideal combination is an eyeshadow most probably from a color family such as light and dark brown or pink.

It is important: That you create soft transitions by blinding. Hard edges are an absolute no-go, they look unnatural.

Step 3: Beautiful Shimmer


Shimmering Eyeshadow enlarges the eyes optically by light reflections in the eye make-up bring.

Important: Do not put on the whole eyelid, but only set accents with it.

Our tip: Apply an applicator or finger of gold, champagne or platinum-colored eyeshadow exactly to the lid center.Other soft metallic nuances are just as suitable for this. The light that is thrown back by the lid center makes the eyes more alert and taller.

Step 4: Emphasise Eyebrows



Not only the eyelids but also the eyebrows have a word when it comes to bigger eyes.

Give some light eyeshadow – preferably white or cream – directly below the brow arch on the skin.

A bleaching cream or a soft shimmering Concealer go – the main thing, the game below the brows is brightened.

This will make small eyes look bigger and more alert.

The right eyebrow shape also pays off!

If you pull the fine hairs at the lower edge, the distance between brow and eyelid increases, and the eyes are already a bit bigger.

Step 5: Shape Eyelashes


We can not say it often enough: Eyelashes must not only be long and dense so that the eye is bigger.

You need a lot more! Only the upward trend of the hairs “opens” the eye and makes it look bigger.

Unfortunately, eyelash bends often cause an unsightly crease in the hair. On the other hand,

This trick helps: simply bend the hair three times with the forceps: directly at the neck, in the center and at the tips.

This creates a natural-looking swing.

Our Tip: If you warm the styling tool with the hair dryer, the hair can be formed more easily.

Step 6: More Mascara!


So! Eyelids and eyebrows have already been optimized. But there is more! Now the focus is placed on the eyelashes. They play a central role when it comes to making eyes look bigger.Every woman has different demands on their mascara – depending on the initial position of the eyelashes and individual preferences. Does not

Every woman has different demands on their mascara – depending on the initial position of the eyelashes and individual preferences. Does not mind with mascara and brushes the eyelashes so tightly it goes,

but very important: Without the hair clumps together. Especially the eyelashes at the outer edge of the eye emphasize, because of the hairs at the edge of the eye longest, the eye opens additionally.

Step 7: Setting Highlights


Highlighter is one of the best weapons against small eyes!

Applied in the inner corner of the eyes, it lights the part right there and creates the illusion of bigger, waking eyes.

Practical: Both bright shimmer eye shadow and also white eyeshadow are ideally suited as an optical watchmaker.

Step 8: Brighten The Water Line


Draw the lower waterline with a kajal in beige or for the evening look in turquoise to open the eye optically. The softer and creamier the kajal, the better it sticks.

Check Out This Video Tutorial To Learn How To Make Small Eyes Look Bigger!

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