4 Makeup Mistakes after age 40 You Do!!

Most of the women do the biggest Makeup Mistakes after age 40 is, we don’t understand that; Certain colors and product applications that look great on a twenty or thirty years may not perform well on a 40-year old or 50 years old .

Often wear eyeliner and mascara to make our eyes attractive, the foundation to cover wrinkles and blemishes, the blush to highlight your cheeks and give him a youthful glow.

But depending on how you use these products, and the age in which we use them, our good intentions can easily go wrong.

Instead of improving their beauty is likely to increase wrinkles and signs of aging by using bad makeup .

Here are some helpful tips

To avoid Makeup Mistakes after age 40

That raise the age instead of showing you younger.

1- Apply Eyeliner and Mascara on the lower eyelids

Makeup Mistakes after age 40

One of the major Makeup Mistakes after age 40 is to use the dark pencil along the lower eyelids and highlighted with dark mascara to lower lashes, which can bring out crow’s feet and dark circles.

In addition, the eyes may appear smaller and therefore you may still have a less fascinating look.

The ideal would be To outline the upper eyelids with a thin dark line, that becomes thicker towards the outer corner.

Green light to curl your eyelashes putting on mascara, maybe passing it twice and here you have pretty good looking eyes.

2- Use too much foundation to conceal fine lines

Makeup Mistakes after age 40

If you put in more foundation to minimize expression lines that become more apparent as you get older, your foundation tends to settle only in every wrinkle and crack and it catch even more attention to aging.

Instead, the best thing to do is to use a tinted moisturizer that provides a thin cover and a continuous hydration (and hence anti-aging) for your skin

3- Wear eye shadow and lipstick in bright shades

Makeup Mistakes after age 40

Eyeshadows that divert toward dark colors, metallic, shimmering although fashionable could highlight the aging of the skin.

It’s better to opt for neutral tones.

For lipstick, it’s batter to stick to colors that are just a little darker than the natural color of the lips, because lips tend to thin with age.

The makeup “too bold” does nothing but highlight the age. So the lip liner perhaps accompanied by a lip gloss that adds color.

4- Applying blush to the apples of the cheeks

The general method for the application of blush is smile find the apples of the cheeks and then pass the blush brush on them.

But, when the sagging skin becomes more prominent on the face, the best method is to find the peak of the cheekbones, and pass the blush at that point through the brush from the top backward. So which one is the best color? The pale pink.

If you want to mask the annoying signs of aging it may take a little bit time to reevaluate your daily routine in wearing makeup .



D.P. Ranpariya

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