Modern hotel project Alpina Dolomites Lodge & Spa in Italy


Futurism on an Alpine-style

Alpina Dolomites Lodge & Spa in Italy :The time in the alpine design accompanied by a dusty Heimatmelodie character heard a thing of the past. This is especially apparent on the Seiser Alm in South Tyrol. Who ever even has a view of the peaks of the Dolomites to wander who knows how it feels to take in the vastness and forge plans for the future in mind.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

Modern hotel project Alpina Dolomites Lodge

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

The best way to predict the future is to create it. “What once put it, the German politician Willy Brandt, also the South Tyrolean hotelier Bernardi family has set as a maxim. With creative thinking and cross-generational host experience she planned a modern hotel project on the Seiser Alm vision becomes reality – the 5-star wellness home Alpina Dolomites Health Lodge was the first of the Dolomites.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

In the planning and design of the Health Lodge & Spa Alpina Dolomites were the factors for home and love of nature, the Bernardi family of central importance.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

It quickly became clear that Gerhard Tauber is right from Brixen to the visions of the experienced hotelier family to give a real face.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

The Bernardi family opted for a sustainable design that meets nature with respect and attentiveness.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

For the stylish new Alpina Dolomites Health Lodge & Spa predominantly stone, wood and glass were used.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

With its playful facade of natural stone and wood sprayed the existing three units connected the main house ease and comfort.

Elegant interior design

The Alpina Dolomites Health Lodge & Spa has a total of 56 rooms, of these new suites, an Alpina Deluxe Suite. With infrared sauna and 8 Molignon Suite with infrared sauna the 43 rooms are divided into 18 Saslong Exclusive room with terrace and 25 superior rooms dialer. In addition, guests can choose between four chalets. There are three deluxe chalet suites for two people and a deluxe suite chalet at least four people.

Enjoyment factor Tafelfreuden

The Alpina Dolomites Health Lodge & Spa Mountain Health is a top priority, so also in the culinary. It is realized in the Mountain Restaurant & parlors, the Alpina Restaurant and Mountain Spa Lounge & Bar by a fine selection and the use of the best ingredients to create Mediterranean, regional and international cuisine, the better and more conscious diet, the healthier the person. And with health also increases the joy of life. The hotel accepts this responsibility gladly.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

Guests at the Spa Restaurant Alpina get their costs. Exclusively balanced, revitalizing and detoxifying foods are used.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

According to the philosophy of responsibility towards nature, the hotel is special emphasis on local and regional products.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

But the enjoyment factor is an essential part of the joy of life. Therefore, countless excellent wines.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

The bar is often much more than just a meeting place for stimulating conversations. Comfort and style can be experienced in the moment in the Mountain Lounge & Bar.

Revitalization and vibrancy

The 5-star residence Alpina Dolomites on the Seiser Alm in South Tyrol is the first Health and Fitness Lodge in the Dolomites. Health is very important here. Not a classic spa hotel and no traditional health clinic, but a place of noble contemplation and health-oriented lifestyle.

Numerous sources

To-ceiling glass facade of swimming and bathing area is traversed by a soothing daylight. This natural lighting bathes the indoor pool in smooth, uniform illumination, promises during the outdoor vitality for the lungs. With gentle strokes, guests can enjoy the fresh mountain air enveloping them in swimming. Back inside the house is already waiting the next source of energy in the sauna. At rest and sweating pore to pore cleanse the body. In addition to the traditional Finnish sauna, it will also provide a bio-herbal sauna. Especially it is beneficial for the respiratory system is to visit the brine or aroma steam bath. The resting time between comfortable waterbeds and loungers is ready to idle areas.

Alpina Dolomites Lodge

A spa area with fine, but equally a natural setting – this one might take root.



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