Modern Kitchen Concept by ALNO Kitchens


White kitchen design

Glass in the kitchen living space

With its made entirely from glass fronts, the Alnostar “Satina” in contrast to the previous programs are an innovation, because the use of glass in the modern kitchen concept, living space is not commonplace and brings the fascination of this material at the heart of every home. “Satina” offers consistency in design and concept across all fronts. Everything is in perfect harmony thanks to coordinated materials, finishes and colors. For some kitchen appliances set of glasses from Schott Satin Plus solutions such discs or oven control panels in the display make it possible. Your glass inserts were only partially sandblasted, thus enabling a clear view of displays and food in this modern kitchen concept by ALNO Kitchens.

modern kitchen concept in white color


kitchen cabinet design

Modern Design and Functionality

The glazed surfaces are impressive at first glance, and the first touch. You take a velvety soft and satin are so that a finish is with deep penetration. The program is available in Terra brown, white, magnolia white or platinum blue. The impact-resistant glass makes “Satina” thanks to its ease of cleaning very practical and it makes it look modern. Clear, fresh and straightforward – a handle less kitchen of the latest generation, which offers comfort and functionality. A clever detail and a great eye-catcher are the illuminated grips. “Satina” is diverse and innovative.

Alnovetrina – New High Gloss

New High Gloss kitchen design range

Among other names, namely ALNO “Vetrina”, the kitchen is now also showing in a glossy version. It is available in five attractive colors for its modern kitchen concept : black, white and magnolia white and bronze-brown metallic and blue metallic platinum. That glass as innovative trend material accurately reflects the times, confirmed by the awards, ALNO has received in past years. For its innovation, functionality and quality ALNO received both the coveted red dot award design of food, and the I.F product design award 2010, the Design Forum Hanover.


The new ALNO kitchen set trends expertly accents in the modern kitchen concept .

Modern Kitchen Concept “Vintucina” ALNO

Scenic Accents by shingle-look


“The kitchen manufacturer ALNO launched its brand throughout Germany before the start an ad campaign. The campaign focuses on the strengths of ALNO in terms of innovation and quality back into clearer focus by consumers and underscores the “beacon” of the traditional brand in the kitchen market

High-contrast combination of elegant glass and wood in modern kitchen concept

The modern kitchen concept “Vintucina” is also the main reason for the new brand and product campaign. It emphasizes the interplay of sophisticated and refined contrasting materials such as glass and wood. Defining element of the new approach is a real wood shingle oak, as a contrast to the white kitchen cabinet doors unfolds a charming touch. The brushed and lacquered veneer shingle compensates a unique relief of a historic facade. The interplay of heavily textured wood and bright white glass is a real eye catcher in any modern kitchen.

Various design options

“Vintucina” offers various design possibilities. Lower and upper cabinets in shingle appearance combined with fronts and walls of glass or solid-colored fronts. The model “Vintucina Alnosplit” / “Alnovetrina” for example, combines a shingle look in vintage gray with a glass front in High Gloss White Ultra.

Attractive design elements


The brushed and lacquered veneer shingle compensates a unique relief of a historic facade.

The combination of glass doors with natural wood makes the cooking area blend in with the living area. Besides more glass front variations in the colors white, cashmere and white magnolias are possible. Other modern and attractive design elements are also glass doors that are set elegantly from a shingle band segment and shelves made of wood shingles with embedded light shelves.

The new lines “Alnostar Cera” and “Alnocera”

New high-end program by Alno

“Ceramic is the ideal material for the kitchen,” says Berthold Muller, director of product management of Alno AG. The kitchen manufacturer Pfullendorfer created so that a new generation of products. As a 100% natural product symbolizes Alno kitchens with ceramic so that the current modern trend toward organic and quality products.

Wide end requirements

The new lines “Alnostar Cera” and “Alnocera” the various requirements of demanding customers are united: The homogeneous and hard ceramic material stands out especially for kitchens and was therefore interpreted by Alno new for the modern kitchen tomorrow. A 3 mm thick ceramic layer is used in all areas, including the side panels.

Special Features

The ceramic shell is in each of a piece, which allows a very uniform appearance. The specific properties of the material make the surface very scratch-and abrasion-resistant and therefore very easy to clean. In developing also the absolute food safety, a high recycling rate and UV resistance of the ceramic surfaces was ensured.

Two versions

The new line is available in two modern versions. “Alnostar Cera” here represents the handle-less variant, while “Alnocera” including handles available. Color among, “avorio oxides” and “nero oxides” options. A cheaper alternative to this series which also becomes an “Alnostar major” and “Alnodur” are. The laminate surfaces form with these two variants by a stone structure, the products are available in shades of gray sand and Lava Grey.



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