Myriad Of Uses, Benefits And Reasons For Choosing Cello Bags In Any Form

Cello Bags are made of cellophane are a popular option for consumers who require carrying various things, often. Dropping off at the market for vegetable shopping or simply indulging in window-shopping, are daily affairs that require us to be prepared with carry bag solutions. Also, carrying a cloth or jute bag, adds to the burden. This makes cellophane bags quite handy and a useful option, without a doubt.
Cello Bags

What Is Cellophane?

Cellophane is a see through grease resistant and moisture resistant film material that is produced from viscose. It was the easiest solution to flexible packaging since the time it was invented. These bags are custom made for many uses, such as for storing food like meat, cheese, candies, cakes, packed lunch, and cookies and so on. They are also used to wrap gifts, as a decoration on gifts or cards depending on their making. Moreover, the cellophane is generally colorless but can be manufactured colored also depending on the usage. Pre-printing or custom printing the cellophane are also some popular options. Any shape can be rendered to the cellophane like a square or a cone shape. Biodegradable cello packaging is attracting many consumers nowadays.

Alternative to Cellophane

Though cellophane was the first invented packaging option, soon polyethylene came to occupy its place. Polyethylene is a plastic made by polymerizing ethylene. This has become the most manufactured plastic in the world in the recent times. It has many advantages compared to that of cellophane. It is more durable and resistant. This has led to the widespread applications of polyethylene. It is used in bulletproof vests, boats and even in the medical world in the form of cartilage replacements.

Custom Made Options and Their Uses

Bags made of both cellophane and polyethylene can be customized according to personal choice. Their colors can be chosen and even texts and graphics can be imprinted on them. Their use is spread to marketing purposes. Product sales, carrying birthday or other gifts, distributing printed materials at presentations and exhibitions are all some popular uses of the bags. The bags are compact, multipurpose and cheap ways of advertising or gifting someone special with a personal touch. This will create an everlasting impression on the minds of the people who receive the gift.

Various Types of Cello Bags

The bags made of cellophane are the most affordable way to pack various kinds of products. There are a wide range of cello bags like flat-bottomed cello bags, gusseted cello bags, lip and tape cello bags and cellophane rolls. The Gusseted cellophane bags have a seam and one end is open in them. They are also expandable which is best suited to store a large number of items. The flat-bottomed cello bags have an open end and have a side gusset for expansion. There are cello basket bags that are used to protect baskets and save the things inside the baskets. Cello rolls are sheets of cellophane that are a very good alternative to bags. They can be made to suit any desired size. They can also be printed with company name, logo or slogan. Lip and tape bags are a releasable type of bag. They have adhesive strips along one side of the opening; it is folded from the opposite side. The adhesive can be used to seal the bag.

Use in Various Industries

Most of the food industries use gusseted bags, as they are biodegradable. They are the best ones to store food for pets also as they do not cause any harm to the consumers of the food. They also do not have any adverse chemical effects. Some of the cello bags can be carried anywhere and the freshness of the contents can be retained for a long time.



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