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Traditional alienation

Aldo Cipullo has made the beginning, when he was in the 1970s, cartier jewelry created for the first nail bangle. As a mirror and a boisterous period characterized by freedom in the sign of Studio 54, has never gone out of fashion and pioneer of modernism, which catches him today, the bracelet comes as a nail from today back in a refreshed version.

The 18karat yellowish gold bangle creates its debut the next day, to match with the starting of Cartier jewelry & Aldo Cipullo, NYC in the 70s an display of archival pictures on view at the firm’s 5th Avenue flagship (by May 8). Presenting a hidden core hinge, it is not the only bent nail element in the collection bracelet & rings arrive in white & rose gold, with & without having diamond elaborations.

Cartier jewelry

Be charmed by the simple beauty of  Cartier Jewelry.

Concentrated energy on the wrist, which is as direct as chic and very close to the body. Good for him and for them, as an expression of a rebellious attitude, a strong character. An oval ring of solid gold, filled with a head that is characterized by vigor, an elegant vitality, an indomitable energy and a sober style.

Concentrated energy on the wrist, as well as chick directly.

Connection between everyday life and art jewelry


This powerful bracelet should stand for boldness, style and freedom.

Rhythmic spiral


Creation is the expression of a rebellious nature and the mirror image of self-confidence.

The alienation of the nail is a piece of jewelry in yellow, white or rose gold, plain or with diamond pave available as small or large model. The object looks like a rhythmic spiral, a powerful bracelet, a personal totem and is for boldness, style and freedom are.

“Juste un clou” means just a nail, no more and no less. As one would say, ‘I am what I am. The mirror a distinctive personality that certain difference that distinguishes one from the other figures of everyday life.

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