Flood Your House with natural sunlight

Changing the layout of home to make it a beautiful natural sunlight house ?

If you are planning any changes to your home this year, make sure light is at the top of your agenda. With cool, pale interiors still at the cutting edge of style, owners of chic properties are increasingly changing the layout of their homes to make it a beautiful natural sunlight House. And the good news is that you do not have to live in a million pound penthouse to do the same: a few simple changes can bring the light into your life, as well.

Pale and interesting

The recent trend for white – or almost white – as the leading interior color has shifted, but only a little. There is a movement towards a 1950s vibe, in terms of both color and print, but each is used sparingly and in a muted, understated manner. Walls, for example, may be tinged with color but these are pastel greens and yellows, reminiscent of fondants or marshmallows and meld effortlessly with the pale walls and floors that surround them. Botanical prints, rendered in similar tones, appear on cushions, table coverings and occasionally on feature walls. The mood is relaxed for an ideal natural sunlight House.

glass doors to make natural sunlight House


Texture is also a key feature in homes now and needs light to set it off. Some very high end designers are experimenting with everything from glass to gypsum to create 3D effects on walls, but most of us can incorporate texture into our homes in a less obtrusive way using textured wallpapers or tiles. Papers and tiles inspired by natural textures, such as linen, leaves and flowers and even tree bark, are very current. These are reflected in textured interior fittings, such as tables mounted on natural tree stumps, distinctive but unpainted wooden furniture and unbleached, undyed cottons used for curtains, blinds and cushions.

Draw in the light

Of course, a pale, calm interior is luxurious to live with, but a certain amount of clear space and the availability of natural light are crucial if this look is going to work properly. Home owners are therefore looking to make their living spaces more open plan and where possible to blur the distinction between inside and outside. Skylights and Velux windows are two ways of illuminating a previously dull space in a natural sunlight House; another is the removal of doors to create internal arches. However, the true jewels in the crown of this look are bi-fold doors, which can be used both inside and outside the home particularly to divide (and, when space is needed, undivided) interior spaces and to flood a room with natural light when used as an exterior door.

Here to stay

The light, bright look has been a major trend in interiors for some time now and while it has been moderated here and there, shows no sign of going away. This is hardly surprising, since sunlight is known to exert a strong effect on mood and when a natural sunlight House makes all who enter it feel brighter and cheerier for having done so, why would anybody want to change that?



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