Overview Of Charm Bracelets

People have been wearing charm bracelets since as far back as 5000 B.C. Indeed, charms were seen by individuals in ancient cultures as items that would bring them good fortune and protect them from evil. As cultures and religions evolved, the use of charm bracelets as symbolic forms of protection continued throughout the ages. Over time however, these jewellery pieces took on more social significance as they eventually developed in purpose to designate class and status of those who wore them. In fact, Queen Victoria’s enthusiasm for wearing of hierarchal bracelets turned charm bracelets into a fashion statement during her reign in the 1800s.

Beautiful diamond Charm Bracelets

It is fair to say that the popularity of this piece of jewellery has ebbed and flowed in recent times. They were particularly popular items of women’s jewellery in the 1950s as families often used them to commemorate significant occasions throughout a girl’s life (sweet 16, graduation, marriage, motherhood, etc). Unsurprisingly, charm bracelets went a little out of favour during the 1970s and early 80s as they didn’t really compliment the image of disco divas and their sleek gold medallions! Today, however, there is much interest in silver and gold charm bracelets, as well as the other styles which are now available.

Different Styles

The classic charm bracelet look is a link charm bracelet. However, the links on these offerings have to be at least big enough to attach the charm and so the decorative pieces end up dangling from the link. Unsurprisingly, not everyone appreciates this dangling effect. Fortunately, there are now bracelets available which non-dangle fans the world over have come to love – Italian charm bracelets.

These stylish looking pieces of designer jewellery, which are essentially rectangular shaped pieces that attach to a stretchy bracelet base, first arrived on the scene in the late 1980s. With these items, each charm is a link to the bracelet and on the face of the link is a symbol, picture, letter or other image (which can be etched, raised or painted). The man who designed this style (Paolo Gensini) really should be applauded as it really was a revolutionary design of a classic concept. Another popular charm bracelet style uses cylindrical-type charms that clamp around a rounded bracelet. The symbol or image can be seen as this piece spins around the bracelet. Any of these styles can come in gold or silver, although silver is generally the most popular.

Why are Charm Bracelets so Popular?

The simple answer to this is that contemporary charm bracelets don’t just enable those who wear them to make a fashion statement; they afford them the chance to show off their personality. Indeed, charms of this nature are unique to each individual as each charm holds some special meaning to the wearer. For girls and women who adore them, finding the right charm for their bracelets is very rewarding indeed as it will speak to her personally as well as reveal just a little bit more about herself to others.



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