How do the Plastic Pallets Benefit You?

Over the last ten years, there has been a rise in the use of plastic pallets in the transportation industry.Use of plastic pallets has grown in food industry where hygiene plays a very vital role and also in the medical and pharmaceutical industry, where every preventive measures is taken towards anti-contamination. Unlike wooden pallets, The major one out of all Plastic Pallets Benefits is, It do not have to undergo timber treatment regulations and that is why they are widely used in exporting goods.

A major reason plastic pallets are used is because they are made of Eco-friendly materials and can be repeatedly used.

Plastic Pallets Benefits

  • Plastic pallets are less susceptible to wear and tear and last longer than the wooden ones.
  • These are also easy to clean and there is no risk of them rotting, if they get wet.
  • They do not rust, unlike metal pallets and can sustain rains.
  • Plastic pallets are manufactured in such a way, they can be easily arranged, by stacking them one top of the other.

A huge number of countries and firms demand that pallets to undergo the process of cleaning or sterilization before each use. Plastic goes through this process very easily and with no ill effects.Plastic unlike wood does not retain the odor of the materials being shipped. This makes them perfect for use in food and beverage industry. In closed loop shipping systems where the pallet is returned to the shipper, plastic is becoming more common because of its durability outweighs the initial cost. These very contemporary pallets can be easily outfitted with RFID chips, the latest technology in inventory tracking.
Benefits of Plastic Pallets


Anchorpoint Industrial has established itself as the market leader in the product handling solutions business, to take your products further.Their capacity to hold large stocks over two warehouses of 50,000 sq. ft. combined, makes them capable of offering a range of products that’s unique Their well-proven distribution network means you can rely on their service for timely delivery, reducing any chances for time lags.

No matter what industry you belong to, whether it is food industry, where hygiene is mandatory; in the medical or pharmaceutical industry where prevention of contamination is primary requisite; in the heavy engineering industry where standard packaging just isn’t good enough; or simply in the exporting of goods worldwide, they are confident they have suitable solutions for you Their authorized sales staff will provide a friendly and helpful service and respond promptly to your needs. Site visits with samples can be arranged and their sales representatives can give in-depth technical advice to you.

The plastic pallets come in different colors, with either closed or ventilated walls. Another, similar and even more versatile product is the collapsible pallet box – ideal for space saving and highly cost-effective for transportation.

Therefore, there are different types and styles of plastic pallets, choose the ones that suit your needs and are within your budget. Step into the world of easy transportation with plastic pallets!



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