Tall Or Short Know How to Look Stylish

Shirt or T-Shirt Selection Tip For Taller Guys who’s height is in range of 6 feet or 6 feet 4 inch.


Its tough to find shirts which fits on you and suits you, here is a Psychological Fashion Idea which can help you out to find it easily, First of all if you are taller it is always preferable to buy a long line shirts to fits you as regular fit.

But if you are 5 feet 10 inch or so, and buy a long line shirt for you, than it may going to look longer. It will going to pass your waist and not for point. Wherever you’re taller and you have a long torso, and you are tired to find regular fit for you, going long line can actually fit as proportionally fits as regular fit with on same. Search for long line shirts and T-Shirts on google

Or go to the Following websites Directly,




You’ll be surprised that you can find, and a lot of guys who have told this to you have truly found it pretty useful.

The Second Psychological Fashion Idea Is For Shorter Guys, Color perception really changes the way you look accordingly

Psychological Fashion Idea

It employs a little bit science in color duct perception that some of you guys may never ever have been followed about. And color perception is really interesting especially when it comes to a Psychological Fashion Idea , because a lot of brands in market using specific colors to appeal specific emotions and when it comes to want to look linear and look taller, color blocking very specifically can do a really great job with that.

So let’s say if you want to look taller. If you are in height range of 5 feet 10 inches, one of your biggest issue might be that, some times you are appearing short based on what you are wearing and you don’t want to do that, so what should you do is, let’s say you are wearing a dark black pant and the golden rule to wear black shoes accordingly because when it does, the eyes psychologically speaking is you lengthening your body naturally.

If you would wear blue jeans with different kind of colored shoes. A color blocks your body intersections so the eyes visually speaking that, you ultimately looks shorter because your eyes only see is the length of your pants, up until that’s cut offs from the shoe. Where as of you wearing all one color, naturally your eyes makes it appear that, the person looks taller or shorter than actually they are.

The same psychologically works when you are wearing a different color belt, you automatically break your body intersections so those sections again measured again differently through your body. So if you feels that you’re short, go for all one color.

looking to purchase a blazer especially off the rack? this standing wall tip worked for almost every guys on so many occasions

Psychological Fashion Idea
A lot of guys who are looking to purchase a blazer especially off the rack. Some of you guys had newer really tailored something before, and a really good indicator that it needs to be tailored is, if you take the blazer, put it on and stand next to a wall, fit on a shoulder is a kind of an indicator key whether or not a blazer is going to fit.

So for instance if your shoulder pad touches the wall before rest of your arm than you know it is too bin and needs to be tailored. But if your sleeve and your shoulder pad are in parallel to the wall at the same time and actually touch together, than you know you’re working with the same shoulder fit. So for those of you looking to purchase off the rack, this standing wall tip worked for almost every guys on so many occasions.



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