Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Display

One of the most attractive artifacts show the necklace is made with 25 large bright and a pendant is nothing modest 22.48 carats, which was used in the official crowning of the queen in 1953. (Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Collection Display By June 2012)

The subjects of the British royals will have the opportunity to see up close the most important jewels of the English monarchy. To celebrate its 60 years on the throne of England, Queen Elizabeth II will make many commemorative events throughout 2012. The event is more refined, without doubt, the aristocratic exposure Diamonds: the Jubilee Celebration, scheduled to take place from 30 June to 7 October, 2012 at Buckingham Palace in London. This one will not be any shows or anything that can be seen in museums in the coming years, as it brings together luxury jewels of the Queen’s personal collection, as well as brilliant used by monarchs for 200 years.

Queen Elizabeth's Jewelry Collection

For those interested in Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Collection and the history of British royalty or diamond cut with mathematical precision, exposure Diamonds: the Jubilee Celebration will have a special meaning. One of the most attractive artifacts show the necklace is made with 25 large bright and a pendant is nothing modest 22.48 carats, which was used in the official crowning of the queen in 1953. Tiara favorite current British Queen is another highlight of the collection. The piece was a gift from his grandmother Mary on her marriage to Philip Mountbatten. All the jewels chosen for the Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Collection are of great historical value. This is the case of the crown worn by Queen Victoria in her own diamond jubilee – the object, despite having only 9 cm, has over a thousand bright studded.

The brooch made with 200 small diamonds and a rare bright pink that came from Tanzania in Africa, especially for Queen Elizabeth II is also among the rarities. The Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Collection also includes objects of value, as the luxurious jewelry box with more than three thousand diamonds. Other events are on the agenda of British royalty, as the exhibition of 60 photos of the queen and the traveling show with the best drawings of Leonardo da Vinci that are part of the royal collection. The subjects of His Majesty can also buy the china, inspired by the lavish royal banquets, made especially for the celebration, ranging from coffee mugs for £ 39 (about $ 113) until in flat, a support plate, for £ 145 (U.S. $420).

Queen Elizabeth's Jewelry Collection

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Queen Elizabeth's Jewelry Collection

Judging by the worldwide impact of the Cartier tiara worn by Kate Middleton at her wedding to Prince William in April last year, the exhibition promises to move the world of fashion and design. “There are more valuable jewels in the world, but few have the glamour and history of the British position,” says Carlos Cabral, a scholar of the British monarchy. The charm of the pieces is not only in design and price, but the historical weight. The royalty of England has always held fascination worldwide. Chapters striking power and betrayal inspire today hundreds of literary and cinematic. With Queen Elizabeth II, even with all its discretion, could not be otherwise. At age 85, she still maintains her biography and fortune in secret. Almost everything you hear about it is hearsay. About his patrimony little is known, only projections, as performed by Forbes magazine last year, an estimated fortune of around U.S. $650 million. That amount does not include the royal treasures, such as Buckingham Palace, the jewels of the Crown or the collection of works of art, which can be seen in rare exposures. Diamonds: the Jubilee Celebration with Queen Elizabeth’s Jewelry Collection, by contrast, brings riches that until then were only royal secrets.



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