Samsung Chromebook Series 5 in Just $249


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Summary Of Chromebook Review

The Chromebook designed by Google and Samsung, it is affordable, slim-Small and light-weight, efficient convenient keys for web browser incorporation on the keyboard and an advantage is battery power life can stay up for quite a long time compare to another laptops. For such all excellent features of Chromebook we can invest $249 simply because it is truly worth on it!!!


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  • Screen: 12.1 Inch X 11.6 Inch
  • Operating-system: Chrome Operating-system (internet based)
  • Processor chip: ARM Processor chip
  • Web Cam: front side 1Mega Pixel
  • Weight of Laptop: 2.5lbs
  • Thickness: 0.8 Inch
  • Battery back-up: 6.5 – 8 hours
  • Selling amount: $249



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[pullquote_left]An era of Today’s is known as Technological Generation. If there won’t be any new Computers, Smartphones, Laptops, etc. are came than Quiet boost out from the center of the World. And instantly if any new Technological or Gadgets News arrives then once again Silence dumps below the ground and Noise pops up![/pullquote_left]

So, there’s one gadget outside in the World doing a lot of Noise, Why don’t we experience it…

Just lately, Google and Samsung presented a laptop basically known as “Chromebook”.


Google launch in venture with Samsung, which is nowadays towards the top seller in the Smartphone industry. An extremely small, sleek and light-weight Chrome Operating-system laptop is obtaining a low weight of 2.5lbs with a superior display screen and ARM processor chip. Google Chrome is well known Browser among all, and works by using it in our regular work. Google Chrome is the ideal web browser from all the other web browser and also obtaining a collection of a lot of extension in the Chrome Web-Store. So, Chromebook by Google and Samsung is the similar thing where Chrome Operating-system is used. This is very nominal, when compared to Microsoft Operating-system and Mac Operating-system. It is web browser only but some extra functions are included to it like you are able to access all the documents from the disk off-line. Because it is a web browser, also experienced with that so it turns into quite simple to access and use by users.

We need to find all the apps, extensions and software of our computer system having an operating-system like Windows Xp, Windows 7, Mac Operating-system, etc. But, offer great cheers to Google Chrome’s Web-Store because you don’t need to go any site or research it to Google for all our requirements. Chrome’s Web-store has an option for all our requirements with a lot of apps, extension, and also the plenty of software for primary computing requirements and even manages some other innovative tasks such as photo editing. It has been a pleasant laptop by Samsung on Chrome Operating-system platform.

The Chromebook computer hardware is just like a top quality ultrabooks, like we can easily say that it has a flat surface from lower and upper side, which completely matches on our panel. Google has used plastic coated-colors in their Chromebook, nowadays it is most preferred. The processor chip of Chromebook is great that permits the Chrome Operating system to run very efficiently. It offers an SD card port around backside, HDMI and USB 3.0 to do speedy work along with its modern technologies associated also. The Chromebook has integrated speakers which are extremely effective and doesn’t get sound to be deferred while volume goes higher. It has cam for Video recording. If the laptop is connected to music set then it has devoted keys for music on the keyboard, then think what Google tried in its Chromebook? A keyboard is very good with devoted keys for web browsers, as it is a Chromebook which works on Chrome Operating system; obviously it has this type of superb shortcuts with a nicely managed keyboard. Google states that from a battery viewpoint it’s superior, because on a complete charge it can remain up to 6.5 hrs to 8 hours. This laptop is having a superior battery, a very essential measure of achievements, to purchase Chromebook for just $249 is not a bad deal.

A primary feature of New Samsung Chromebook is that one can use their Google account for quick installation of computer & Google services. Google offers 100GB of free storage space on Google Drive to save your important files and docs. Naturally all of us have Remote Desktop function in our pc such as that only Google has presented Remote Desktop feature in its Chromebook for networking with established computer systems, it is actually an excellent tool. Google has also launched commercial advertisements for Samsung Chromebook series-5 is Slayer’s – 9Raining Blood) on this Halloween season. Give it a look below…




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