Samsung Series 7 – Monster Notebook Released

Samsung Series 7 – Monster Notebook Released on Thursday. They act opposite in compare to recent trend with its latest edition of series 7.

Samsung Series 7 Chronos

DesignCruzer found shocking news from Samsung. Nowadays we found that all technology companies are launching their new variants of gadgets with reducing size, thickness and weight but Samsung has released a 17-inch Series 7 chronos notebook on Thursday. They act opposite in compare to recent trend with its latest edition of series 7. This notebook looks like a monster in compare to the trending notebooks and tablets.


Now let’s see the features of this monster notebook It features high brightness, more color and, more screen space, with the 17.3 display.

  • Its weight is 6.26 pounds, quite much weighted, but less in compare to 17-inch MacBook Pro of 6.6-pound.
  • It is heaving sleek aluminum body
  • A well designed notebook for long life of battery that Measure your Battery in Hours AND Years which will give you 8 hours of battery life with up to ¬†1500 charges, retains 80% of the original capacity of battery.
  • It has great multimedia power with a built in sub woofer, JBL speakers with Intel’s WiDi (Wireless Display)
  • To see laptop’s images and videos in TV wirelessly is possible with this monster notebook.
  • 1Tb storage capacity is perfect for fans of songs who collecting tons of multimedia files with audio and video.
  • Have USB 2.0 two ports, USB 3.0 two ports, a VGA, and card reader slot, and HDMI port.

Samsung Series 7

Samsung’s this new chronos notebook isn’t made for travelers and roaming people. If think to carrying it for full day may be invite back ache for you. But according to Samsung this large screen notebook will perfect choice for those users who need to replace a portable desktop. With the price of $1,500 it seems shocking that Samsung would launch such a large notebook in this era of tabs, and pocket PC. But this would be a great choice for Designing, Graphics and multimedia professionals. Who need to replace their heavy desktops, isn’t it a nice choice for such users? How would you like to rate this monster notebook? We are eager to know your opinions and waiting for your votes.



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