Short Girl Fashion Tips To Look Taller

Good news: You do not have to spend your whole day on tip-toes to cheat a few inches of body size. All you have to do is find the ideal style for your petite figure. Because with the right clothing, short women can look taller and plus size women can set her own world and Put her curves in the limelight. Here are the best Short Girl Fashion Tips!

But being short is not a reason for despair! Because you can wear great outfits and with the right style cheat even one or two centimetres taller. All you have to do is, to follow a few short girl fashion tips.

Short Girl Fashion Tips: Shorter Is Better

Short Girl Fashion Tips with short skirt

One of the key short girl fashion tips is: Keep it short! Short clothes are simply much better than long dresses, skirts and jackets. Because of the short-cut of the clothes, your body acts proportioned and thus greater.

Two absolute must-haves for you: shorts and mini skirt ! These two figure flatterers can not only be styled super-sweet in the summer but are also perfect for winter with opaque pantyhose and casual sweater.

Tip for petite women: straight cuts make taller

Do you know what colors you wear is speaks about your personality? So you should not divide your body optically. This happens, for example, when your top and bottom have quite different colours (for example white shirt and black trousers). Also not so flattering: conspicuous waistcoats. Better: Keep the whole outfit in a colour family – that stretches!

single color vs multi color fashion

All Short women should also always be aware that your figure is optically stretched. This is particularly good with straight, narrow cuts. Attacks instead of a dress with a flared skirt better a straight cut, short shirtwaist.

The pants can play an important role: Better is, narrow skinny jeans or a straight Boyfriend Jeans issued instead of blow jeans. Blouses with V-neck are especially flattering for you.

Short Girl Fashion Tips At A Glance: With These Tricks

  • Sound-in-tone combinations are ideal. The body is thus not optically ‘divided’ and a harmonious overall appearance develops.
  • Short is good! Who has beautiful legs, she should also show. short dresses count among the best friends of short women.
  • A few inches of leg optically cheating? It is working. That is if you wear pants or skirts that are cut up.
  • The legs may also look longer if you wear a skirt and pantyhose that have the same colour. This also applies to trousers and tops, trousers and belts.
  • Skinny jeans should be placed at the top of the trousers stack in the closet.
  • Do you want longer legs? Then put on short-cut jackets or bolero. The optics ensure a growth thrust.
  • Everything that ‘creates’ and stretches is perfect! This stamp can be pressed long chains (the more delicate, the better), scarves, buttons, but also V-cutouts.
  • High shoes ! They also do not have to be dizzying ten centimetres high. With a good high heel wedges or shoes, you get a lot!
  • There is also a trick for hairstyling in a hairstyle: little horse tails or high-strung hair can stretch you optically!

Short Girl Fashion Tips: These are the DON’TS

  • Maxi dresses are beautiful. No question. However, if you are a little shorter, you must be careful not to ‘sink’ in long dresses and skirts.
  • Finger away from very wide-cut trousers like Marlene Hosen, Baggy pants or harem pants! These models do not trickle an inch but take away from the body size rather optically something away. Even 3/4-pants are rather unhelpful.
  • Pants must not be too long. When the hem rests on the shoe, there is a risk of visually shrinking.
  • Round necklines, large collars or voluminous frills! Also with the accessories make sure that they are not too big and clunky.



D.P. Ranpariya

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